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Paranormal in Tenerife

Paranormal in Tenerife
I dont suppose everyone has paranormal happenings on holiday. Not even mediums. Well we arrived in Tenerife for our holiday this month , and as we entered the apartment I felt an energy in the bedroom. The usual twin beds with minimum furniture was in the room. It was on the fourth floor of a block of apartments with a cafe next to it and a road where traffic whizzed past it. The kitchen come lounge area was lighter and more airy. You could hear the traffic and the sounds of people partying in the cafe when we were getting our cup of tea and landing after the flight.
It is always disorentating when we up sticks and go on our travels. We live in a quiet place with a large garden around us. So to begin with these places alocated for holidays are very strange to us. We have tried hotels, villas, apartments, caravaning, and even living out of a tent for a week in our holiday destinations, not forgetting bed and breakfast places. So we have given many things a go. Of course nowhere is like home but most places lack the tranquility that a holiday needs. Or at least to most of us , who work in busy life styles the rest of the year.
So there we were, getting to grips with the apartment. I said to my husband, that there was something not right about that room. In any case we decided we liked the quiet of the lounge sofa bed and it was double. So we took the bedding out of the twin beds and made ourselves comfortable there.
We went out for an evening meal, and then back for an early night as we were tired from the journey. Looking forward to the beginning of our holiday we settled down to sleep.
Not long in the night I was woken by traffic zooming down the road, voices trailing in the distance and the sound of my husband snoring. Whatever had woke me I was now awake and I lay awake for hours before finally going into the twin beds I really felt uncomfortable with.
I was really tired at this point, as you would appreciate and thoughts of home were in my head. Here we go again, I thought. A holiday. I had so looked forward to this one especially after I had been unwell.
I had dropped off to sleep. Next thing I knew I was thrown without ceromony, out of the bed and flung into the lounge area, where my husband was sound asleep. A spirit energy had thrown out of the bed and I stood up dazed and confused, in the early hours of the morning. I returned to the sofa bed and my husband. I then was woken by another spirit , a lady who was as solid as you and I to look at, looking out the window with her back to me.
I had had enough and decided to help these spirits in the morning. I had a cup of tea and finally got some sleep.
We woke around nine o clock. After telling my husband what had happened, I was also reminded that he had slept right through the happenings , which was not like him at all.
He was consered and worrried and I explained I had to do a clearing in the apartment and possibly the area. I worked on this after breakfast. The whole process took time and there were layers of spirit energies that needed moving and rescuing.
Days later we met a tai – chi instructor and clairvoyant who confirmed what I thought had happened there. I had gone in tired and unaware there were problems there. The spirit energies that needed a helping hand had seen my light. They had waited a long time for a helping hand and were rather impatient when they were disturbing my sleep.
Impatient or excited of getting help? Will we ever know? I know one thing I did my best to help them and was glad to move out of there for the rest of my holiday. Only to go to another set of strange energies and once again was put to work. Though we were happy to move to our rented villa in the last week. Sunshine, sand storms, mosquito bites, garlic bread and red wine. We met up with some of our lovely friends and met more.
At the tai – chi class we had a meeting with Dennis, the owner of a very special retreat . When we were working there with the tai – chi center, a painting crashed to the floor. It was a shock to all the group. Was this another entity?
We have been to Tenerife many times before, and Lanzorote, Grand Canary, and La Gomera. Each island has it’s own energy, my favorite at one time was Lanzorote then it altered and Tenerife ‘s energy was calm. La Gomera has a calming energy, full of magical sunsets in valley van rey. One large hotel , some apartments. We have done both. Though I recommend the hotel.
It was when the moon eclipse happened. Many of the locals had a huge paryty on the north of the island until the early hours. We saw the whole eclipse. I shall never forget the fabulous experience.
We have met magical people from many nationalities, from English, German, Canarian, Dutch, and Spanish. We have given and recieved healing and readings. Enjoyed a special massage in La Gomera with a German lady who is so spiritual.
Where ever you go in the world you will meet some lovely people. Often like minded. With so much to share. The warmth and welcome of these people is a real treat. For me though, I have to say the appeal of the islands in general has worn thin over the years , so I will look else where for my next holiday experience.  .

Dining out in Callao Salvaje in Tenerife

Dining out in Tenerife
We went off on our travels again recently and I have a few stories to share with you. Least of all the delight of Canarian food, French, and Spanish and much more in the village of Callao Salvaje.
We had booked an apartment the first week of our holiday and a villa for the second. The waether was varied , from sand storms to blue sunny skies that you expect in tenerife at this time of the year.
The local beach you can see in the photos shoot, above, was small and messy, but the sea was warm. Locals said that for the last eighteen years they have been waiting for the beach to be cleaned up.
Building was going on, everywhere. Has Europe gone mad? Our last holiday was blighted with building works going on around us , on a daily basis. Here in Tenerife , in a village the banging and scraping was like surround sound across the small bay. How do people relax in such places?
Our evening meal was the main part of our evening as there was little else to do or visit here , with the taxi prices gone up , and buses that bounced along the narrow roads , one really did not want to travel elsewhere.
So the pleasure of the Sorpresa Sorpresa resturant was indeed a suprise, if not a very pleasant one. The place delighted my tatse buds on several of the evening meals we ate there.
I particularly enjoyed a dish of lamb, with corn on the cob, and a pear,to balance the tatse of this didh. It was delightful and i could not wait to go back and have another meal there. Which we did .
We had been recommended El Delfin resturant that was on the waters edge. Unfortunately we left this one for our last evening there . We were not diappionted, the food was scrumptous. A small place that heaved with clients who really were quite happy to wait to come in.
Near the beach is a Spanish Tapa Bar, not to be missed as they serve the most delightful chicken cooked in almons with a salad and chips.
Around the corner from the french resturant we discovered the canarian bar. This is were we enjoyed a canarian dish with spicy chicken and canarian potatoes, and salad. Good value too.
The chinese however did not come up to scratch and it was one of the most expensive meals we ate during our stay.
A supermarket, called Somersfield, served the most lovely sandwiches that often was great for a snack at luch time. It is also where we purchased most other items including a pair of be3ach shoes each to walk with ease down the beach without the urchin spikes entering our feet. These spikes are awful if they get into your body as they turn septic and can be a hospital visit.
In general the food in this area was good.
We also enjoyed a German meal at The Flowers Cafe, when we visited the local musical jam night with some local friends we have in the area. It was great. An especially friendly bunch of people too. Dont miss this one on a Friday.
Not forgetting the dogs. Great stuff.
The main thing to remember when visiting the islands now id that since they have gone euro, everything has gone up in price, it is a bit like decimalisation in the seventies here. I know I am not alone on this observation as many were talking about it , even those who live there. Like many in Cornwall , getting to earn enough to live is known to be a difficult task. However dont let that put you off. The area has got its own attraction. Less crowds of people for one. At the moment anyway.