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It never ceases to amaze me the clarity of the messages that come through from spirit. A loved one is going to be wanting to communicate with you. Sometimes I find they want to tell you a little about their passing and how they were at the time. Not morbid, just some facts. Then many give me their name to identify themselves or a memory of a special time when they lived on the earth plane. A memory that you should recongnise. Only this week a Mother ,of a troubled young woman came through , gave her name, her interest in life, her need to have read more whilst here. How busy she had been and where did the years go. She also indicated this lady must take more care of herself and have some rest. That she had cared for her while ill.
Then another , a man, came as he felt he had not done enough for his loved one. He really could not have done anymore. He was still exhausted from the caring he had given her. Grief can at times play tricks on the mind and this man thought his loved one , who had appeared to let him know she was alright, was not really there. Of course through tuning with her she gave these messages that she was often near by and that he had seen her.
What a relief , he said. He thought he was going nuts. It was comforting to know this was indeed real. The smell of her perfume filled the air as I continued to tune for him. This lady gave such wonderful evidence of her new exsistence in the spirit world he began to smile.  Had he been talking to her photo? because this was a strong connection and she drew near as he talked. Yes was the answer he gave me.
Another reading was on relationships. A young mother of three children was really upset at her husband was  having an affair and had left her, and the family to cope without him. Was he to blame? Did it matter? There are always two sides to relationship problems , but we must remember that there is life after any situation. Often a better one than before. Often filled with more contentment, love and trust. In the depths of dispair we all seek to know what the future holds. Our guides are there to help , but not interfere. They are there to encourage and show the way forward in many ways.
Readings can be the tool for tears to be shed. Then you must shed them. Let them flow. This is often your healing beginning.
Maybe the reading is for the answer to your job quieries. Many have been given help witht his. When guides and loved ones in spirit join forces to help show were your gifts lie. By using your gifts you may find more satisfaction in your everyday life, of earning a living. Or just following  a different pathway than you anticipated but you have been guided towards.
Once upon a time I had a reading , in my teens , that told me , one day I would work in a place with windows all around me. I worked in a double glazing firm , but I also worked in an art studio come shop. Both had the widows around me.
I always had a little laugh about that one but one clairvoyant told me , I would wear three rings on my finger. I thought , engaement, wedding and eternity. No it was three marriages.  So at times even a clairvoyant can see things differently. There is usually an answer to what we have seen and many of my clients have told me what things have meant or mostly confirmed what I have told them. One thing is for sure our messages get clearer as we go through life. Improving all the time. Our guides our there to help you and so are your loved ones. If you experience moving objects in your home , like a mirror moving as you watch it. If you have a troubled mind. Why not see a clairvoyant or mdeium, they may have some of the answers. In fact most likely they will.See you soon. I give private readings ( at my sanctuary),internet readings , postal or groups. Audience, in halls, theatres, hotels and private homes.


I was out over the week – end getting some gardening started. Seeds had been planted about three weeks ago. The Sweet peas, wild flowers pack, and cabbage. Along with some lettuce seeds and poppies. Some of the seeds were small and others easy to see and lay in the pot or container. I love this tims of year. the weather has been sunny. Which is unusual for this time of year. Nice to see the daylight sparkle around the indoors but even better to enjoy the warmth of the greenhouse as it warms up in the afternoon.
So there I was potting and then cutting some over grown branches in the garden. I then collected some leaves that had fallen from the Palm and noticed how this years flower buds were already beginning to fill. These plants give a heavenly perfume as you walk around the garden or indeed the perfume wafts into the kitchen early summer.
Some of our guest in the bungulow book in especially to enjoy it’s perfume, having once experienced it.
Brusing the paths was another job outside, after the birds had decided it was time to take the moss off the roof tiles looking for grubs. The moss was all over the pathway.
Picking some Daffodils for the vase was a most pleasant pastime on Sunday. I took some in to the church too. they last so much longer when you grow them yourself.
The bird bath needed a clean and change of water. It is like a list that goes on in your head.
Even the need to water the tubs and planters that have blooms and buds coming, as there has been little rain and they soon perked upafter they had some of the water. i had earlier put the cold tea from the tea pot over some of the plants too. they love that. A bit of plant food there too.
I spotted next doors cat, who has become our little furry friend. He decided to say hello, and stayed around for quite a while.
Birds bathed in the bath and drank the fresh water.
I do hope I see more bees this year. I have often thought about bee keeping. It seems a lovely thing to do. Must do some more reading on the subject just yet.
So it was time for tea. My husband had been so busy that like me he had forgotten the time. Is’nt that nice. Contentment you see.

St. Austell Bay Radio Station

St.Austell Bay radio Station
This is a community radio station, which has many people from the St.Austell area sharing their talents and gifts on air. It has been up and running from January 2008. Today I was on air talking about the St.Blazey public house findings,of spiritual activity ,when I did a paranormal investigation as part of a DVD that I was creating for Circles of Light Productions. Often when being filmed or portrayed as a clairvoyant/healer/medium many are seen to be activley producing quick answers and instant phenonomens for the camera. It is true that a lot of our spiritual work is in the quite and would mostly make uninteresting filming for most, but a great deal of time is spent in feeling energies of spirit and communicating with them. Many are just ordinary spirit people or animals , some are strange characters or just different.
Then there is the imprint of past scenes or pychometry film like scenes that with the help of our guides we can unravell why we are being shown that particular scene or person.
It is fasinating to work with those who are interested in the paranormal as  well as those that are  new to the idea. At the Cornish arms St.Blazey I held a ghost walk and paranormal evening. Part of which took me outside , in freezing cold winter weather to ‘see’ and feel the energies of the ghostly horse and carriage that passes through the aera several times a month. My guides told me when and that was why I held the ghost walk on the night I did.
Sure enough the horse and carriage turned up right on time, and many of the audience was thrilled to feel the energy of the speed of it’s arrival. A bit like standing on the station and feeling the train draw in. There were no riders or people to be ‘seen ‘ but many knew how many horses had jioned us and even the colours of the doors of the carriage. fasinating.
Alongside the public house runs a ley line. It is not because the pub is there but because the church is next to it. As it often runs, churches are built near or on ley lines, often actually where two ley lines meet and on top of hills.  Plus many churches and pubs are next to each other. People often came out of one establishment and into the other.
It was at the Cornish Arms location that local newspapers and national became interested in my findings as I encountered a bottom pinching chef in the kitchen area. So yes some spirit can touch us. The news soread and it hit world news from England to Australia , Sain to India and Ireland. several radio and T.V stations came along to talk about what had happened and our local T.V southweat even filmed the seance that  took place in the cellar.
The Cornish Arms St.Blazey had a flitter of fame and some travelers came to visit all the way from Australia. There is of course a bed and breakfast facility there also.
Today the ghostly spirits are still there . All but the ones I had chance to help , and rescue them, helping their energies move forward into the spirit planes where they shoud be. This is sensitive work. It would be interesting to go back and help others who need to move forward and to give  blessing of the establishment. Sometimes a place needs to have a cleansing. To lift energies.
Once a month my husband arrages a musical jam night on a Tuesday, at the same place. The energies certainly rock then.
The atmosphere is lively. However the ghostly figure of a man who loved the place in his time still frquents the bar area. Even though this public house has changed it’s bar area several times during my life time.
So if you want to feel the energies of past times at the St.Blazey Cornish Arms, pop along and spend some time there enjoying the other form of spirit. Mines a brandy and lovage.

Hey there has been a shift in energy

Hello Everyone…..There has been a shift in Energy
Interestingly there has been a shift in my spiritual energy after my health problems. I have been busy back at work. With a paranormal investigation, readings and healing. Also the new radio station of St.Austell Bay, here in Cornwall. All exciting stuff. Although I have always been used to seeing spirit, it did take me by suprise when I began to see a lot of my animal friends in spirit as I was recovering from my angiogram.
I felt their comforting energy and saw them around me. It was quite something.
My spirit guides also brought me a lot of special friends to make sure I got moving and had good company.  From my tai chi master, to healing friends and even some old friends , as well as family members. Believe it or not I have worked most of the way through. The link with my spirit guides has grown to an even better level of understanding and clarity. I have found that some of the connections that used to happen only at very needed times are there to tap into when ever there is a need. The need being from the subconciousness of the client not a need of mine.
The healing team of guides and helpers have shown themselves to me yet again,but are now making themselves known more often and communicating on the clairvoyant and mediumship levels, as well as the healing levels. Interesting.
This has been a part of my work for a while now. There are many times that clients have worked closely with me and my guides through life changing health issues. Some have been dignosed medically with life threatning problems. It is then I have worked with the client on a regular basis , giving healing and getting feed back from the client. It is amazing as always how much the power of healing can help in these situations. As we all know healing works on many levels. The energy of my voice at the end of a session (sound – healing) often radiates around the clients whole body. Giving a feeling of a deep relaxed state. This sound also brings in many eutheric colours as the client lays with their eyes closed.
The finer tuning of the spiritual energies has affected the gifts of healing,clairvoyance, and mediumship. Everything has leaped forward to help those who seek.
The voice of others loved ones often join me as I work with medium readings,(loved ones who have passed over), appearing in the room beside me much more than ever before. There is an uplifting , strong healing energy that has filled my sanctuary. There for all who visit to enjoy the benifits of.
Yes all of these things have happened over many years of working with spirit. Though of recent there has been a definate shift of energy , as I have been getting better in myself and my work has got back to normal.
I have seen lights flicking off my feathers , for example when I was cleansing an aura, recently.
I felt a client who was dignosed with a serious health problem was going to be fine. A voice of one of her loved ones in spirit , told me during a reading. The result , after several test. She is fine. Lovely lady.
My guide told me , I was going to be alright. I heard this voice several times. I also saw angels join me several times. I was calm and comforted many an hour. Cool air surrounded me in an over heated hospital room. I found I could breathe much better. I eventually went off to sleep. I saw a lady who had come into the hospital ward , walk with the angels and then return. She sat up the next morning smiling and drinking her cup of tea.
All these things have happened at some time during the years of working with spirit but now the messages and the healing seems more intense more clear, more accurate. A shift of energy.
I have once again been working with my monthly group, this time the spirit guides came through with a most powerful meditation. Everyone was relaxed and energised by the experience. Long may this energising experience continue.