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Menacuddle Woodland has been a part of my life from whenever i can remeber. The Higher Blower house was formerly part of this wood. As people appeoached the holy well, that is still there, bent pins were thrown in the waters awaiting the previous bent pins thrown in by others to collect yours and bring you good luck. My father  told me this and demonstrated it many times when I was a child. I , like many others gazed at the waters waiting for the other pins of ledgend to collect mine but never saw it. My father said he had at one time, and haveing seen it once wanted to see it happen again, but we never knew if he was joking or not.
Today coins are often left in the waters for good fortune and healing rags are tied to the tree outside. The whole place generally has a calming atmosphere. One writer fely Mena represented the word sacred and Cuddle the saint of St .Guidels. Though there are no records to be found of this saint , I have heard of this before.
The waters that run beside the well and through it are known to have remarkable healing powers. These waters were used for baptisims and Victirian matrons recommended the drinking of them for good health and many ills.
The waters run clear but their powers are attributed more to their mystical powers than to any particular mineral or clarity.
The beautiful gardens of the wood land have stood the test of time. One of my favorite Magnolias of big white flowers still bloom each spring there.
The greenery and floristery of the wood is abundant all year around, full of foilage and flower. From Chestnuts to mosses.It was the beginning of May when I took my meditaion group with me one evening to explore and enjoy this sacred space. It was dusk and we had brought blankets and lanterns with us and flask of tea. Our group have been working togeather for many years and we like to visit places at times, of interest to us.
We crossed the small bridge that took us over to the holy well. The energy here suprised me as i had always remembered the place light and happy, it was feeling heavy and there were many spirit people there looking like they were hanging around waiting for us.
A real feeling of being observed and watched was felt by most of the members of the group as well as myself.
WE decided to leave this area for moment as some of the group were being affected by the energy . Going back over the bridge to the Witches Chair , which is made of granite and has been there since I was a child. No one else in the group had ever been to this place before, even though many lived in St.Austell.
Daylight began to fade as we each sat in the witches chair to feel the vibration. The energy was changing again , or was it just that we were sensing something in the woodland.
We gathered around a piont on the grass and laid the blankets down to sit on to go into meditation. We all could feel spirit entities drawing near us.Telepathically I began to communicate with the people I could clairvoyantly see. At the same time leading the group through what I was doing and taking them into a deeper state  into the meditation. I asked my guides for help with those spieirts who were coming closer for us to help them. It was becoming a rescue and we had not planned this. The atmosphere changed and our guides appeared one by one beside us and then a shaft of light broke through the darkened sky above us.
Healing angels surrounded the group and I could see the sprit soul leaving the woodland and going into the light. from a heavy atmosphere a lighter one began to imerge. All of the group were sat eyes closed and silent. Some animals also came towards the light and jioned the other spirits who had gathered around us.
A few of the group began to fidjet but stayed where they were listning to a prayer I gave. Then a thankyou to our helpers and guides, for being with us and helping those who needed help. I got up with my singing bowl and went all around the group and played it cleansing the area as I did so. We all naturally finished the meditation/rescue with an Alm sound. Our work was done. Or was it?
It was felt , by most of the group that we needed to go back to the well and clear and cleanse the area and bring a better energy to the place.We had seen angels, guides and spirits this evning. A lot of activity.
As I crossed over the bridge to the holy well I saw clearly a man in a hat , like the 1950’s era. A couple coming out of the holy well in marrage clothin, and a mother with a baby. What I felt as I eneterd the holy well was an awful heavy atmosphere, so bad I had to come out and ask for more protection before going back in. The group linked togeather and we all stood close to each other, hands held, ready to pray and cleanse this lovely place , of which i had such fond memories. The spirit people outside , watched in anticipation.
A shower of golden light filled the hole well space as we said prayers for its energy. The lords prayer was said aloud by us all and then the shaft of light we had previously seen in the meditation again filled the space we stood in. It was like standing in a strong magnetic field and a gusty wind at the same time. We all stood togeather. Everyone experienced this strange phenonomen.
Several of us had felt isck, several of us had been touched by spirit. We also felt washed out. Something unusual as a group that has worked togeather for quite a time. We re – formed outside. Investigated the tree filled with rage tied to it for healing of ills. then we crossed the bridge and went back towards our cars. Stopping to say a thakyou to out wonderful guides and finishing the evening with a prayer and a cup of tea from the flask.
It was quite an experience and the group felt we had been drwan to visit here for the purpose that we were used. To help those soulswho needed to move forward.
What we did not know at that point was , there had been a fatal accident , that day , on the road, just above, you guest it, the holy well. Checking the energies were right I used my pendulum to show the group and it whizzed out of my hand , never to be found.
We had lightened the energy at a sad time and also lifted the energy of the whole place. I have not been back since but I am sure the time will come as this is one of my favorite places.