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Frozen Rose


Quote OOOOOOOOOOOH just look at this wonderful picture of a rose from Witchey womans site. Fabulous and there is more visit her site now……….


Another Update of St.Austell Radio Station 2008

Here we are again….with news of the strat of St.Austell radio Station. Your local radio communication is now beginni8ng on January 28th 2008. All exciting stuff and i hope you will join me as I have some spooky tales to tell. As the weeks go on I will be there to answer some of your questions on air, on a phone in. Other wise you may like to have an appiontment and recieve a private reading or healing. Not forgetting any paranormal investigations etc.
I also am available for work – shops, talks, demonstrations of healing and clairvoyance and mediumnistic skills. Groups and audience. I have my own formula for a complete evening of the paranormal, so that you can join me and enjoy some spooky time with me.
The radio programme can be found on 105.6FM. tHE BREAKFAST SHOW between 9am – 10am. Tune in with me then………

Talking about Sycamore leaves waft in the breeze early one november morning


Quote    One of my bright and breezy pictures of autumn leaves taken only a week ago here in St.Austell, in Cornwall. It reminded me of all the different pictures I see that have been taken in America in the fall. The bright colours that my artist friend enjoyed on one of her visits. So I am showing you all that with the right light of morning sun how we can capture a little bit of natural beauty, right here in Cornwall. I hope like me you enjoy our lovely leaves. I took many others that morning and will share hem with you next time. The yellow of the oak tree, the leaves of oaks as I strolled through the gates at the park. The air was crisp and clean. I watched the sun as she rose out in the bay. A magical time,weather sunrise or sunset. A good energy time for Tai Chi too. Or meditation.Maybe you have got some pictures you would like to share with me.

Sycamore leaves waft in the breeze early one november morning

Talking about Workshop Paul


Quote Paul with one of my singing bowls when he was at my work – shop in August of this year . The day went extremly well and everyone felt uplifted from the experience. Paul is also one of my circle members. My group meet up each month, on one  Friday. We explore spiritual  matters, such as psychometry, automatic writing, meditation,past lives, the power of prayer and healing among other subjects. We also work with the singing bowls, bells and voice for relaxation and healing.Should you be interested in my next work – shop day of psychic art, meditation, healing with colours and working with aura cleansing, then contact me on 01726 70786. Thankyou. Or if you feel that being part of my circle is for you then again please give me a ring.


Workshop Paul

News Update on St.Austell Radio Station

It has just been recently anounced that the radio station will not begin on January 7th as anticipated. Due to technical hitches the whole programme will begin on February 4th 2008. It will be found on 105.6FM. As was scheduled, I will be appearing with the presenter Sheila Vandolo at 9am – 10am. So we will be there for you all from that day. There are many local people who are supporting this station with so much to share with you, the listner. In and amongst the fabulous music that has got to give lift to your day. So please join us on February 4th 2007 for a fabulous lift off of a wonderful radio station. Then later there will be phone ins, when you can put your spiritual question forward to me. Speak to you very soon. Gayle Force  

Chrystals find you not the other way around…..

Chrystals find you not the other way around…….
 Imagine for one moment, that you have a health problem that seems difficult for others to help you with, and then one day you visit a place that sells chrystals, or somewhere were a chrystal is waiting to be found by you. Well I have had both happen to me. My local beach was one of the places I found several amethest that did not look like amethst at all, but when I met a gemologist and miner of minerals, he said , he liked my amethest. They look rusty and white in colour, as they had been washed by a stream for years which created this colour in all that sat in it’s path, and they most likely originated from our local clay works, but he assured me they were amethest. Their energy was the same as amethest, so  to me he was confirming something to me that I had not qiute understoodbefore, when I had held them.
Amethest are very spiritual gems/chrystals and these sit outside on my wall ready to be used by all who enjoyed a breather here while waiting to see me in the summer months. In fact my grandchildren love them. One of my grandchildren has an infinity with them at a tender age of nine. For me these chrystals can be calming and encourage a deeper meditative state when at times it is difficult to relax or as a helping hand to get to sleep, when held, or put into the room beside the bed area. Other chrystals have been found in woodland and on walks in the area. In this part of Cornwall it is also known that jade can be found but as yet my jade has mostly come from China. I found my amethest when I was having sleeping problems in the forties with the hormones and menapause setting in. So the soothing energies of the amethest was a great help.
One of the first chrystals I really had a warming too, was the rose quartze. This chrystal has the energy to heat up in your hand and bring about a calming feeling within. Another useful chrystal for many times in all our lives.
I am still on my journey with chrystals, and even when I think I have enough for my space and my work, another will find me. They are not cheap to buy but when you get the calling you have to have it.
My largest chrystal, that came from Brazil, via a friend who was asked to purchase one for me, is amazing. It sits in my room quite happy and over the years several changes have happened within it. It is a double ended one.  Many have enjoyed it’s energies over the years. I have taken it with me to many talks and demonstrations but mostly it enjoys the ambiance of my home.If I leave it on a table or suitable surface and forget where it is, it will remind me , by sending out an energy that touches me. It is the only way I can describe it, as it is so powerful. My first experience of this , was from a friends chrystal of about the same size. We are both healers and as healers your sensitivities expand during your lifetime. So there may be the answer as to why , like my friend , we feel the energies I am talking about. Like talking to plants I talk to my chrystals, as I believe they are very alive, and to prove so, I can see an aura around them that is similer to living beings. This chrystal came to me for working in groups as well as for my own learnings.
When I was at a friends healing week – end, as a visiting clairvoyant/healer, I was touched by an energy that turned out to be a cittrine, with it’s orange like points on the white underneath of a cylider pieace that was almost speaking to me. There  were actually two pieces similer and I felt guilty that I did not purchase both pieces as they where togeather, and with my understanding today would have made a greater effort to have done so. Even so the cittrine came home with me and has helped during many healing sessions to create a balanced energy around the sacral chakra ,when problems have arisen.
Each year I put togeather a mystic farye for my local church funds. At this event I invariably come home with a chrystal, and this year it was a smoky quartz, very lovely and easy to hold in your hand. I have found this quartz helps people to ground and emphsise the chakra beneath the feet.
I have given many chrystals as presents to those who are on the learning pathway or in deep need. I have equally recieved chrystals as presents, which is quite delightful. My grand children have them as presents from me as they are showing so much interest in them and really put them in pride of place. One day one of them gathered togeather several of  the same and told me I needed these chrystals. I picked them up and it became quite evident my grandchild was right. One of the chrystal children that are frequenting the earth plane in this era. They are born to the right people for them to develope and to understand them and to be perfectly honest I am meeting many of them. The future clairvoyants, mediums and healers. It is most exciting.
Cleansing of the chrystals can be done quite effectively by putting them one by one in a singing bowl or goups of smaller ones, and simply playing the bowl. Or by sending a spiritual light around them for cleansing. Or maybe washing them in clean water, that has been blessed and filtered . Some like to take their chrystals to a special running stream or in the sea. it really is up to you.
I like to let sun and moon energy surround my chrystals as much as possible. i cleanse with the sound of my singing bowls and wash them when I feel it is needed on a full moon for the very best energy.
In healing I use chrystals in the colours of the chakra energies. Most effective. In drinks , a chrystal of the right energy for the desired treatment can be soaked in water overnight and then filtered to make sure no parts of the chrystal goes into the drink, and enjoyed. This can be very useful in many illnesses that fail to respond to other methods.
To conclude chrystal energy is of great use to us and the chrystals are only to happy to help us. In fact I have been lucky enough to have some of the work of Harry  Oldfield, inventor, scientist, thinker and healer of our time who has worked with the chrystal energies for many years and found subtle changes at first in clients well being but that later changed to life changing energies , that led to well being of many illnesses that man in struggling with.
I am looking to follow this journey with much more studying to do, to help others and to hopefully carry on where he may have left off. A legacy that Harry has left us of futuristic medicine for all.
It goes along with my thoughts on how certain sounds helps to cleanse and balance the mind and body to allow healing to take place. I have been working with many of these sounds for many years now and with the healing energies and have helped many clients become well. Along with colour therapy, but thats another story.
Our euteric bodies often deal with many levels of our well being and this is where we can become aware of health problems before they manifest in the mind , body and spirit. An alarm bell if you like.
So when you are touched by a chrystal or feel a sound to be soothing dont forget, you were meant to notice this as that can be the very thing drawing you to what you need to give yourself some healing help. Enjoy exploring.