I ended up in a hospital bed

From a Holiday Location to a Hospital Bed 
If I am perfectly honest with myself and you,I had had several pains in my chest when my mother had her heart operation and at stressful times over the last five years. There had been many times after a virus had got me that I had become short of breath, but then I am no longer twenty, as I heard myself say to friends and family. I might add here that i am generally full of beans, can walk for miles, swim, run, do the garden, run my buisness and a home, all with out too much of a problem.
I have suffered restless leg syndrome at night time since my ectopic pregnacy in the 1990’s. Hot flushes to extreame witht he menapause. A tired feeling at times , like someone pulled the plug out, and taken your energy. Though none of this prepared me for what happened a few weeks ago.
I was on holiday in Madiera. The climate is of course very hot. The air quality not great. From the bus city of Funchal to the manor we stayed in up and away in the hills. Quinta da Bela Vista is a fabulous place to stay. Tranquility amongst an island that seems to have building everywhere you turned or roads that are so busy they keep you awake.
My husband and I had needed a holiday. England had not had a great summer. Plus we had been very busy.
Before leaving I had done a big event and felt my bags would never be packed.
In reality a pair of shorts and at shirt is not enough to wear on a holiday. We had rested at the Quinta da Bella Vista. There had been plenty of chance for that. A swimming pool that lured you in. People to chat to. A jacuzzi. Beautiful food and plenty of quite spaces to read a book, both inside and out.
So we rested for a few days,enthralled with the place and it’s atmosphere. then we began to explore. We walked down to Funchal, in the morning ,before the sun rose to high. Taxied back as it was so hot and a ditance away.
 We visited the botanic gardens. We rested. I had noticed I did not feel right. Then one day on the walk we had done , I could not breathe well. We had to have a taxi back. After resting and evening meal I felt fine. Slept well and carried on.
he days that came close to the end of the holiday though gave me an imppresion I was not well.
The day we began our journey ome , the bus that picked us up flew around all the roads like a maniac and by the time I got to the air port I was really shaken.
We boarded the plane and the journet was good. Then we got to the car park for our car and I felt strange,not quite right.
By the time we had got home to St.Austell my breathing was not good. I could not concentrate on anything else. I could not walk well. It was really freightning.
I became an emergency patient at my doctors surgery.
I needed oxagen, asprin, and a great deal of help. I was having an angina attack. It felt similer to a heart attack. Then there was the trip to the hospital in the ambulance.My husband was with me all the way. All the medical people were really brillient.
Within an hour I was more stable. At this point no one knew what had happened to me including me and I had to stay in hospital to be sorted.
A strange world hospitals at the best of times. Eventually I tried to get some sleep. Which eluded me and most of the patients as one of the ladies in the ward coughed all night. Poor soul.
The experience was also spiritual. In the night I saw the same as the lady who coughed all night. Under my bed was a bright light that seemed to grow as the night went on. A guiding energy that was protecting me. I also saw two angels that appeared as I was drifting off to sleep. the lady across from me was a clairvoyant. The lady next to me was a WI member that knew my mum. Aother was a pianist for the church she belonged too. It went on.
The next day the WI lady and the pianist and I sand a hymn togeather in the ward. Love Divine All Love Excelling. Another lady told me I would be fine. I could of course see how they all were going to be, and it was all good stuff.
I was desperate for a sleep and to go home. So next was the tread mill test. I got through it with the help of the talkative and kind staff. They said they had loads of lorry drivers who come through their doors. It was a change to have a clairvoyant.
The parting witht he ladies on the ward when I left for home with my medication in hand was so warm we could all have been friends for years. I will never forget them.
Or the ambulance man who was so kind. The swift work of my doctor. The hospital staff. The dinner ladies.
All light workers send healing light to all hospitals and vetenary places. Plus many more places to help those in need.
I am doing well and need some more test. Trials and tribulations. Think if you are readings this and there is heart problems in your family. Get your cholestrol checked and your blood pressure. Look after your heart. Get exersise and rest each week. Dont get too stressed out. Stop and breathe. Take care. 

2 thoughts on “I ended up in a hospital bed

  1. Glad you are doing better, Gayle Force.  Sounds like you caught it just in time. 
    I just was attuned to Reiki 2–well, twice actually, one right after the other, Fri and Sat………feeling a little discouraged today, not sure why, but I think it may have to do with the double attunement, and being hyper for two days following them.  Guess I got nothing to complain about, you sure had it rougher, and I am so glad you are OK…….will the meds keep it under control? 
    I am still hoping to get a picture to you for a reading.  Will let you know if I need your addy again, etc.  Finances have been too tight, but I may be able to do it this month.
    Glad you liked the sky pics……if I ever move I MUST get to a place where I can see the sun rise and set.  Now we are in a stream valley, in the forest–hard to see the sky east or west.  And whenever I drive out pre-dawn to watch the sun rise, the dogs all bark at me when I park, and awaken all the neighbors!! 
    Sarah One Beam

  2. Crikey…… glad you\’re ok now !
    I don\’t suppose you can recommend any healers can you ?
    I need a full MOT – got so much pain I have slow release morphine patches.
    Moving on the 12th Dec – My New Beginning.
    Love Deena

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