Have you had your cholestrol checked of late……..or blood pressure come to that?

Dont leave it till later, get it done now
My mother had a heart operation around five years ago. It was a shock to us all as a family and also to learn that other connections like the strokes my father had, was all to do with the cardiovascular system. In plain english , it meant we had to all go and have blood test to see how our health was.
My mother, bless her soul, has fully recovered from the operation. It what a trumatic time for us all, and she was so brave as she went into surgerey that morning. All she wanted was that I would be there, and her partner in life , as we had lost my dad with the many strokes he had suffered, a few years previous. I prayed for the strength to help my mum, and did all the things my dad would have expected of me, including staying with her almost ten hours a day on the first two weeks of her recovery. It was not easy and I had several chest pains during this time , with what I thought was pure stress of the situation. Her partner and I stayed at the lodge near Deriford hospital, in Devon, and my husband came to and fro everyday to support me. My sister and daughter did their best to visit when they could but they were on the end of a phone all the time if I needed to talk or whatever.
Healing , prayers and group healing from my church friends were sent everyday to my mum.
On coming out of the operation , I gave her healing as she was not coming around as expected. Her partner in life thought I was mad but I continued and her colour suddenly came back. The surgeon who was watching this , said, " Whatever you are doing , carry on, it is working". Emiotionally watching her response I did continue and she came around enough to say goodnight before , we all went to bed.
An angel was with her as we left and I felt better when I saw the arrival of the angel.
So you may wonder why I did not take heed when mum kept on about getting my blood pressure done and cholestrol. Well I did eventually, only to hear both was high. Could I control it with diet? Well possibly was the answer. Some people can control cholestrol with diet and the bloodpressure follows. However due to family circumstances it was not good. I spent the next three years or so noticing that I did not feel well a lot of the year. I checked my diary and noticed I often was tired, not myself, had headaches etc etc.  The story went on. My healthy colouring seemed to go. I was always busy with my work. So really I came last, and after all I was now fifty something. The menapause had took it’s toll and my husband and I are the same age and often said how we noticed we were slowing down. Though where I could not see. I managed almost full time work, running a home, a garden and having hobbies including photography which took us on long walks. All good healthy stuff. So I was bound to be tired, was’nt I?
We both have a healthy diet as I cook fresh, and mostly organic food, and grow some veg too. The word organic became a household word with us. With phrases like ,"Gosh that was good, and , didnt that taste better, it’s organic you know". but it really does taste better the fresher your food is. Plus the benifits are great. I grew up with a midday meal and I dont care what anyone says, to me it is more balanced , to have a meal midday and it can help if you are an irritable bowel sufferer.
So I had a tooth out in April and things went teribly wrong. I nearly died. The injection I had went into my blood stream instead of my gum area for local anaesthetic. I had become giggly and my legs felt like they did not belong to me. I mentioned it to my dentist , who assured me I just needed some more anaesthetic. The pain was bad , and the tooth took some pulling out. I had never ahd problems like that before. I had a reaction at sixteen to a certain type of injection, but felt confident as this was on my records. Was’nt it? No, somewhere it had been lost, but I had told the dentist how I was feeling. Apparently , I had classic signs of an injection gone wrong. Anyway to cut a long story short, i nearly died in the night and ended up at the emergency doctors room soon after I came around. I had felt like I was slipping away. I could not move my body, I could not talk, I just felt heavy and  my breathing was shallow and my colour had gone, I was laying on the floor and my husband had his fingers on the 999 phone number as I suddenly came back a bit. I had pains in my chest and my breathing was shallow hours later , still. Thats when I saw  the emergency doctor. He was horrifierd at what had happened and suggested pain killers to help me and to help any swelling that was happening in my throat aera and moth. I slept a lot for two weeks as I recovered from this ordeal. I lost loads of clients, as I was to unwell to see anyone. On my next visit to the docktors I had a blood test and lo and behold it showed I had another underlining problem. High blood pressure and cholestrol. Not a suprise really, I had suspected this for a while. The tooth problem had emphasised the whole thing. However if I had not had the problem the rest would have gone on longer not being attended to.
With the help of medication, that has to get determined if it is right for me or not.  I am feeling better in myself generally. I am sleeping better, my head is not so strange, several things have been noticable like my colour is better. I feel more me , for the first time for years. All little signs that things were definately going the wrong way. So if you are over forty and you dont feel yourself and there is a family record of heart/stroke/blood pressure etc in your family. Get your bloodpressure checked and your cholestrol and diabieties. They all go togeather when the body is not coping. Please dont leave it till you get an heart attack.

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