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Meditation and the sounds of the singing bowls,with my friend Ben Scot t

I was talking about the strange phenonomen of sound traveling through time and space, when I recalled an interesting story that happenend to me a few years ago with my friend Ben. It had been a really lovely evening . When a small group of people interested in sound healing and the effect of sounds on our mind, body,and spirit, had joined Ben and I at my sanctuary in St.Austell, Cornwall. We had a meditation with the sounds of the singing bowls cleansing our chakra energies. Each chakra represents a part of our body , and different notes help to cleanse the energies within. I had already dicovered many different sounds that help the healing process and humming a tune when we are happy is one of them, as this creates balance which in turn creates well being. I had also noted the importance of our own voices and how we speak to people , sometimes using different tones for different people. Not always consciously,but for instance we sometimes talk to children in a different voice than we do adults. Or an angry voice is different to a happy one.
I had found soothing music that helped heal the soul and also music that got my foot tapping and dancing. As I expect many others have dicovered.
During the evening Bens learnings explored the different tones of the sounds of the singing bowls, bells, rainstick and voice. The effect on each of us as we sat in a circle with Ben in the center most of the evening.  The meditation was uplifting and we found that our mind energy could drift easily to another place on the sounds created.
Re arranging the room we were in, Ben invited each one of us onto the floor and the others with a sound instrument  joined in the experiment of feeling the sounds with eyes closed and putting the sounds over the person on the floor. This was done very carefully. So as not to distress the person on the floor and certainly not putting any sound around the head area where the ears are very sensitive and the head which  emphasises sound. The gentle sound of sea sounds played on the stereo. Then gentle bells were played. Then the singing bowls. Then the gong and finally the voices of all of us singing an alm.Not forgetting Bens Gong from Tibet that I now own.
Each of us had a go. There was some spectacular events in the way we felt. Upliftment was one. Someone suffereing from tennitus(ringing of the ears,sometimes caused through stress and other times medical conditions),had cleared the sound from their ears and the next day rang to tell me they were still fine. A ladies stomach suddenly got better and her pain disappeared. Well what more can you ask.
It was to me more evidence that certain sounds resonate to aid healing the mind , body and spirit, which as I have worked for many years now have seen several times.Sometimes working when other therapies have not.
We also sang different tones togeather, overtoned and enjoyed the experience. Your voice is your healer and helps you stay well. So keep singing even if you dont feel like it, you will soon lift your vibrations and feel good.
High tones help the head area right down to lower tones helping our feet. Of course there are sounds for different illneses and my guides direct me as to which sounds to use for each client that recieves the sound – healing. So it is all experience. Each cell in our bodies respond to sound resonating.
Everyone enjoyed the evening and after they had gone Ben, my husband and I chatted until retiring.
The next day before Ben had to go home to Surrey, Ben and I sat and meditated for a while in the quite of the healing room where the work – shop had been held.
It was a clear sunny day and very early in the morning. We had done a session of tai – chi and here we were, sat crossed legged on the floor. Ben took us into the meditation. It was quite and peaceful as we sat there. Then all of a sudden the sound of a small bell sounded around me. I thought Ben had got up and rung it. Eyes closed I sat and enjoyed the ambiemce of the medtation with my friend. Then the sound of a singing bowl rung in the air. I remember thinking how wonderful it was.
Silence fell and another singing bowl rang in the air. Followed by voices singing like last evening. I thought Ben must have recorded the evening and was suprising me with the wonderful sounds. Though I also noted his talking was not there. It didnt matter and I drifted to a special place that was healing for me and peaceful. I saw my guide walking with me. Mist covered the space I was in.
Then without prior arrangement we both drifted back to the reality of my healing room. The mist I had seen in my meditation was just leaving this space as I opened my eyes and so did Ben. We sat there in the silence for a while and then gradually began to talk to one another.
I thanked Ben for the lovely sounds he had created. A suprised look came over his face. Then he realised what had happened. He explained that the sounds had embedded themselves in the energy of the room. It was there for all time, to be enjoyed for when ever it was needed. He had experienced this phenonmen before and I felt he had shown me , something I had already been aware of but needed showing again, a confirmation, was it why we had met? I can still sit in the room and get those magical sounds from that day, in a meditative state.
It is like a recording but equally they are often different but very eutherical.
Sound travels across time and from the spirit realms, so if you hear a flutter of wings as you sit quite and see no bird, or hear the voice of your loved one long passed, dont think you did not hear it , you did. To me sound has an energy like all living things. In respect everything has an energy . Some energies are kinder to our well being than others. Some we need some we don’t. We certainly dont need loud booming sounds that distort our space. Nature has the sweetess sounds. If you would like to learn about meditation or want to try a sound – healing session with healing ,then contact me on 01726 70786. I also give talks and demonstrations on sound – healing and sound moving matter.

Have you had your cholestrol checked of late……..or blood pressure come to that?

Dont leave it till later, get it done now
My mother had a heart operation around five years ago. It was a shock to us all as a family and also to learn that other connections like the strokes my father had, was all to do with the cardiovascular system. In plain english , it meant we had to all go and have blood test to see how our health was.
My mother, bless her soul, has fully recovered from the operation. It what a trumatic time for us all, and she was so brave as she went into surgerey that morning. All she wanted was that I would be there, and her partner in life , as we had lost my dad with the many strokes he had suffered, a few years previous. I prayed for the strength to help my mum, and did all the things my dad would have expected of me, including staying with her almost ten hours a day on the first two weeks of her recovery. It was not easy and I had several chest pains during this time , with what I thought was pure stress of the situation. Her partner and I stayed at the lodge near Deriford hospital, in Devon, and my husband came to and fro everyday to support me. My sister and daughter did their best to visit when they could but they were on the end of a phone all the time if I needed to talk or whatever.
Healing , prayers and group healing from my church friends were sent everyday to my mum.
On coming out of the operation , I gave her healing as she was not coming around as expected. Her partner in life thought I was mad but I continued and her colour suddenly came back. The surgeon who was watching this , said, " Whatever you are doing , carry on, it is working". Emiotionally watching her response I did continue and she came around enough to say goodnight before , we all went to bed.
An angel was with her as we left and I felt better when I saw the arrival of the angel.
So you may wonder why I did not take heed when mum kept on about getting my blood pressure done and cholestrol. Well I did eventually, only to hear both was high. Could I control it with diet? Well possibly was the answer. Some people can control cholestrol with diet and the bloodpressure follows. However due to family circumstances it was not good. I spent the next three years or so noticing that I did not feel well a lot of the year. I checked my diary and noticed I often was tired, not myself, had headaches etc etc.  The story went on. My healthy colouring seemed to go. I was always busy with my work. So really I came last, and after all I was now fifty something. The menapause had took it’s toll and my husband and I are the same age and often said how we noticed we were slowing down. Though where I could not see. I managed almost full time work, running a home, a garden and having hobbies including photography which took us on long walks. All good healthy stuff. So I was bound to be tired, was’nt I?
We both have a healthy diet as I cook fresh, and mostly organic food, and grow some veg too. The word organic became a household word with us. With phrases like ,"Gosh that was good, and , didnt that taste better, it’s organic you know". but it really does taste better the fresher your food is. Plus the benifits are great. I grew up with a midday meal and I dont care what anyone says, to me it is more balanced , to have a meal midday and it can help if you are an irritable bowel sufferer.
So I had a tooth out in April and things went teribly wrong. I nearly died. The injection I had went into my blood stream instead of my gum area for local anaesthetic. I had become giggly and my legs felt like they did not belong to me. I mentioned it to my dentist , who assured me I just needed some more anaesthetic. The pain was bad , and the tooth took some pulling out. I had never ahd problems like that before. I had a reaction at sixteen to a certain type of injection, but felt confident as this was on my records. Was’nt it? No, somewhere it had been lost, but I had told the dentist how I was feeling. Apparently , I had classic signs of an injection gone wrong. Anyway to cut a long story short, i nearly died in the night and ended up at the emergency doctors room soon after I came around. I had felt like I was slipping away. I could not move my body, I could not talk, I just felt heavy and  my breathing was shallow and my colour had gone, I was laying on the floor and my husband had his fingers on the 999 phone number as I suddenly came back a bit. I had pains in my chest and my breathing was shallow hours later , still. Thats when I saw  the emergency doctor. He was horrifierd at what had happened and suggested pain killers to help me and to help any swelling that was happening in my throat aera and moth. I slept a lot for two weeks as I recovered from this ordeal. I lost loads of clients, as I was to unwell to see anyone. On my next visit to the docktors I had a blood test and lo and behold it showed I had another underlining problem. High blood pressure and cholestrol. Not a suprise really, I had suspected this for a while. The tooth problem had emphasised the whole thing. However if I had not had the problem the rest would have gone on longer not being attended to.
With the help of medication, that has to get determined if it is right for me or not.  I am feeling better in myself generally. I am sleeping better, my head is not so strange, several things have been noticable like my colour is better. I feel more me , for the first time for years. All little signs that things were definately going the wrong way. So if you are over forty and you dont feel yourself and there is a family record of heart/stroke/blood pressure etc in your family. Get your bloodpressure checked and your cholestrol and diabieties. They all go togeather when the body is not coping. Please dont leave it till you get an heart attack.


We are at the victorian brewery in St.Austell for halloween spooky evening on October 31st 2007. An evening of , paranormal quiz, seance at the visitors center, ghost walk, seance at the grain room. After the tour we have a break for refreshments and the bar is open.
There will be a continuation then with audience readings. The evening begins at 7pm – 11pm. Bring your cameras as on other occasions many have had orb energies in their photos when printed and on digital when taken and viewed.
It is an intrigueing evening with each visit so different from the last.
 I have encountered a hanged man, children and young lovers , ladies energies from long ago, and more. Smells from those who have worked here in the past, even my own grandfather have paid a visit as he was a cooper here in the 1920’s. Including a ladies perfume and a tobacco smell. These permeate the air as we go around and more. People have been touched by unseeen hands. The cobweb effect that gives us evidence of spirit activity. All in all a good paranormal evening as it happens. A good way to enjoy an evening out in the capable hands of international clairvoyant/healer/medium  GAYLE FORCE. 
Tickets are available through booking on line at or phone 01726 70786.
Dont be disappionted , as there are limited spaces and this evening will be a cracker.Look forward to hearing from you.

A little time out………….After working

Time for a Walk 
There is often time and the end of the day for a walk. When we had our dogs we used to go out for two walks a day. when we lost our beloved friends we agreed that each day we would make and effort , come rain or shine to have a walk. I need to get some fresh air at the end of the day. I have included some photos here of the beach we visit regularly as part of our walk and swimming time. Often during the summer we take our grandchildren with us.
Each morning I open my door to let the morning in. To also allow one of our cat friends to visit us while having our breakfast. In fact the cat belongs to our friend and nieghbour a few door away. We do not feed the cat we have just befriended her.
Next it is time to feed the birds in our garden. A chance to reflect on how lucky we are to have this special space as part of our lives.
Then I have breakfast. I almost forgot that each day begins with two glasses of water to enhance my energies and clean my system.
 Followed by a medtation or tai – chi excercise before beginning the work I love.
My husband is an upolsterer and has been established since the early 1970’s with this trade. We are both self employed, and work from home.
This allows us to have a cooked lunch togeather that I prepare fresh each day.
I had irritable bowel when I had gone through some of lifes difficult times, including an ectopic pregnacy in my thirties. I found by getting back to the rythem of life , that I had grown up with ( and I am sure is better for most people), a dinner time, the irritable bowel went away. Having fresh and mostly organic food most likely added to this. I grow a lt of my veg.
Though this year has been really bad with the different weather patterns.
So in the evening we have our special walk. It can be just along the road and park ,where we live. it can be the beach. Or even to the stones at the top of our area. Where ever it may be we enjoy this. Try to make a space in your own lives to have a walk. Particularly early morning or later in the day,when the air is fresher.

Begun to work with the new National Think Spain newspaper

Interestingly got a new project with new national Spanish Newspaper 
I was really excited a few days ago to hear from a man who had become a friend to my husband and I ,over a short period in our lives.
Nick and his wife touched our hearts when they came to Cornwall, or more importantly St.Austell a while ago and settled here for a time.
It was during this period that Nick got the St.Austell Voice up and going before he moved on to another challenge.
In time he landed himself a job in Spain.
I had worked with Nick by giving him paranormal stories and any relevant news that occured in the St.Austell area.
He had made the beginnings of a superb newspaper, that many people enjoyed including family and friends.
Then there were changes and we lost Nick, as his life was changing and he had to go.
So it was with great excityment I recieved his phone call this week. To become again one of his writers , in a newspaper he was launching. Great stuff.
I also had a few Spanish stories of my own as I have worked in Spain, near Almeria and encountered a ghostly monk on one of my meditation evenings, amongst other stories I shall be sharing.
The September that year was very sultry and at times thunder and lightning went across the bay we were staying. I had my birthday there, amongst people who have remained friends for a long time. We intend to re – visit in 2008.
When I will again give a work – shop and meditation. Most likely some readings.
It will however be more of a holiday this visit. I discovered there is a great historical side to this part of Spain, and i wish to explore this.
As well as go back to some of the places I visited before. I also have relatives around the area and would love to catch up with them.
So look out for the stories I have encountered in ThinkSpain today online and in print magazine.

Lights and Entities from Spirit

Lights and Entities from Spirit
Here is such a vast subject that we could be here a very long time talking about these phenonomens. However we have to begin with some recent ones I have encountered on one of my paranormal investigations. During this investigation, I was touched several times by spirit energies and blown on by a cool breath.
There had been activity at this place before and I was not suprised the activity had re begun as the owners had been decorating the attic. They were not suprised either, so here i was , haveing climbed up a ladder in my long summer dress and reached the attic.
I was drawn to one particular part of the space to begin. I had a lady who had passed as a young woman with eight children to her name. Her husband was there too but he had passed years later, and to be honest , they did not get on well. So the recue of their souls was conducted seperately.
There were several other spirits that had been drawn to the space from different eras.  Interesting too was the ones that lived on the farm that was not in this space but the land had been part of the dwellings space way back in time.
A vortex of energy led me to believe many had been frequenting this space for a while. Writings on the wall had appeared over time in the dampness of the space, and I sensed water had been pouring in the attic recently. It had the owner said they had recently had the chimney seen too after water had poured into the attic space.
It took a while to cleanse the attic space but as always it was a different energy that was left than before I had paid my visit.
An energy that was more peaceful. Calm had come back to the attic and the rest of the home had not changed from my previous visit.
The disturbences of the decorations had disrupted the energies and  some of the spirits did not like their space being invaded or the changes that were going on.
To me that was quite a normal thing to hear and discover as in my work I see evidence of such characteristics all the time. Helping the spirit people to move on can at times be a difficult issue as some are quite happy where they are, and are not even aware they are in spirit at times. Some may be frightened to go anywhere else. So they are comfortable where they are. There are many reasons for their presense there.
After the work is complete I have a coffe with my clients , it is also when you dicover what they have been feeling or hearing or seeing. In this case they had taken photos of the attic and low and behold there were orbs in nearly everyone. the lady of the house noticed blobs in these particlar photos and thought I may be interested to see them. They kindly gave me copies of them. Guess what? Most of these orbs were around the araea where I was first drawn. Where the lady with the eight children were. Another by the stairwell as I had felt the blowing of the breath as i helped the spirit into the spirit realmes. Interesting or what?
One of my circle group have had the unfotunate experience of an entity attachment. Feeling low in himself and struggling with everyday things all of a sudden Don also felt suddenly aggresive and not at all himself.
He wondered if he had collected an entity when we had worked togeather at an event we had been to.
I had him over within the next few days and lo and behold he had got an entity. Some look like a dark mass around the person others take on other forms. You have to be very careful with these strange phenonomen, they are at times qiute dangerous.
I had helped many including myself to get rid of negative entities. The first bit is reconising that is what it is.
Then with the help of those lovely spirit guides and helpers , including the angelic realms we go to work. Now just because this entity is unwanted does not mean we get rid of it , willy nilly. You have to work with the right manner and channels to do a correct job. To also help the entity move without recieving harm done to it, rather more like a blessing , a helping hand.
When gone the person who had it , will quickly feel better in themseves and get their own personality back and become more aware of feeling brighter in the way they are.
 There are many prayers that also help at these times. One of the dangers of getting it wrong is that the attachment can go from the carrier to the person tryng to get rid of it. It is no mean task , in this line of work, to get it right. Years of experience with trusted guides allow one to operate this way.
Sometimes people will ask if a light entity caught on photo is a form of spirit. The answer is, yes, many times this is what you are seeing.
At a cousins wedding we captured light entities and orbs around the room during the evenings events. Recently i have had one of the photos blown up to see this even more clearly and to share the photo with some of my groups. I believe from the energy around at the time that the orb was a recently passed cousin who would have loved the evenings events. Through the evening were many of past relatives around jioning in the wedding evening, including my father.
Many family and friends gatherings bring in a happy , joyful, energy which our loved ones tune in with, then they love to jion in. I think this can be very comforting to both those here on the earth plane and those who have passed over.
So there are a few examples I have come across in my life and work, if you have any to share with photgrphic evidence I will be interested to hear frm you. Thankyou.

New Work – Shop March 2008

New Work – Shop March 15th 2008
I have booked the work – shop for march 2008. You may be thinking to yourselves that it is a bit early to be talking about this but in my exoerience time goes past very quickly, and before you know here we are.
I have decided to teach a bit about automatic writing during this workshop. One I feel it is one of the more less talked about subjects and two I feel it is a good experience while working with an experienced medium like myself.  As with many of the enterperental  tools of midiumship and clairvoyance it has its place when we are working at times.
This also gives us great evidence of our special , personal guides working with us and can be a way of connecting with them as well as through meditative levels of communication.
So we will begin the day at 9:30 with a coffee or tea and then go into opening prayer and meditation to bring the group togeather and to begin connection with all our guides.
The tables will be set for you to have your own space to begin automatic writing. A sheet of paper and pen will be provided.
There will be time for dicussion and then we will explore the writings a little further.
There will be a talk and reading on the matter, with a historical piece for you to hear.
Lunch , will be packed lunch or a dive down the town for a sanwich or pastie in the local shop. Drinks will be provided all day.
The afternoon will be meditation with colour and sounds of the lovely singing bowls. These sounds often bring about a deeper meditative state. We will cleanse the chakra energies. Helping to enhance well being.
We will touch on colour healing and the effects of colour healing on the mind , body, and soul. On how colours have an uplifting effect generally if they are the right tones for your personality and wellness.
Discussion on the colours and how you feel colours effect you ( even though you may not have noticed this) or not as the case maybe.
The continuation of the afternoon will lead to a spot of clairvoyance per person. With the main colour assiociated with you at that time , on that day.
I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Bookings are now being taken for this special day. The price per person is……£20.00, payable to Gayle Force in advance when you are booking. Thankyou.  More information or booking form can be given on 01726 70786. This work – shop is easily adapted to an evening or afternoon with any group that is interested in these subjects. Or even an all day session as I do for my groups. Should you be interested in this way please contact me on the above number.