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Duloe Stone Circle

Duloe Stone Circle
This stone circle is the smallest in Cornwall but don’t let that fool you. it has an amazing energy that I have worked with several times. One particular time I was working with the energies  giving healing. My fingers elongated with the energy around these stones. not only seen by myself but seen by my mother – in – law too. I have also found during meditation here sat around the stones and within their space , a very pwoerful energy that seems to take you to another dimetion. why not come along in July and join me and my husband,free of charge at the stones for a meditation and healing.
The quartz stones magnify the maganetic field around our bodies ,which also enhances the healing energies.
A bronze aged urn with human bones was found on the site at one time. A hedge in the 1800’s divided the circle but it has been removed and that is how we can sit in an amongst the stones today.Many of these sites have been wrongly noted as Druid Circles.
Duloe village ‘s name dirived from the fact that two rivers flow each side of it.
No wonder the energies around this area are so pwerful. There is also thought to be a conction beyween this stone circle and The Merry maidens of Penwith.
The Hurlers on Bodmin moor seem to have an alignment to this ancient circle, but there are no other alienments that seem relevant.
Fact and fiction meet at this place but i can only say that once I found these stones I had to go back….again…again….and again.I hope to see you for the meditation on  JULY SATURDAY 28TH. JUST RING ME AND LET ME KNOW YOU WILL BE THERE. 01726 70786

Pam Ayers your’e Great

Pam Ayers you are fantastic.
Well Pam my Mother and i came to the Hall for Cornwall this week to see you. Well as like the last time we saw you at Fowey you made our sides ache. I still remember loads of the evening and it is great. We can all do with more like you. Thankyou for taking the time to come to Cornwall. I hope you enjoy your visit here. I also hope your other half is much better. I sent him some absent healing and this will help.
While you were on stage ,I saw your aura colours expand and change. It was in hues of the rainbow finishing with a brillient purple.
I am a clairvoynat and medium and when seeing many shows I ‘see’ colours of energy as creative people work. Is’nt that fabulous.
Keep telling the stories Pam and keep the poems going .  It is a great gift. Gayle Force

Jacob Coat of many colours…..Congratulations to Lee

Well Andrew Llyod Webber we have enjoyed your talented shows over the last weeks. I even came bak early from my swim yesterday to watct your programme. From the very first week I pridicted that Lee would be Joseph. I should have placed a bet on it. What wonderful talent Lee. You shine out from all the others my friend. I look forward to seeing you in the show. I will fly from Cornwall with my husband and see you. I would love to be able to meet you also when the time comes. I voted for you and even that short message oon the line sounded great.You remind me a little of David Essex , another fabulous star.
How your talent took so long to be spotted I will never know.
Though I feel Andrew is really excited about your being the one.
I must also say those that took part in the whole show were talented and have also worked so very hard. Learning one song is difficult ,and then to have to sing it to perfection on T. V in front of so many people as well as the studio audience is an achievement. So dont be diappionted. To have the chance you all had at such tender ages is fantastic.Well done everyone. The panel was also good, not to silly with daft things to say, but constructive and they know their stuff guys.
So once again from Gayle Force the Clairvoyant,healer,medium and author,in Cornwall CONGRATULATIONS LEE.

Spiritual Activity beyond doupt at St.Austell brewery

When I entered the visitors center last night I was greeted by a vibrant energy from the changing of the envirement and the spirit activity that is often found as I work during the evening. It had been  a hot sunny day and it was  a typical June evening.
Meeting some of the staff from the brewery I then set up a stage for the beginning of the evening to begin.
The group who had booked the evening with me sat in anticipation as I gave the questions of the paranormal quiz.
Then we had a seance in the visitors center around the new table that had been installed as part of the new furnishings. My event was the first function in the room sice the alterations.
With the doors locked behind us , we entered the museum to feel the energies of it’s space.
The old copper has it’s own story to tell and never seases to amaze those who try their hand at psychometry. Then the group follow me down the room feeling spirit energies and it was here that an orb was captured bouncing above my head. This was shared with the group.
We continued to the grain room passing the packing room and Walter Hicks’s (the founder of the brewery,in the victorian period) favorite haunting place.
After working with numerous era’s and with many with a tale to tell,we made our way back to the vistors center where we had a suprise in store.
As we entered the room we saw a stall that had been thrown to the floor. The spirit meter read high around the stall. then a lady said where is my chair. It was right by my microphnes. It had been moved with her coat still on it. The bar people then noticed that a two takards had been turned upside down. One holding objects inside it and they were still there in the upside down keg.
It was not the first time I had encountered such a phenonomen. Often when places alter the decor that has been standing a long time it can create the right envirement for spiritual activity. But were they stating they liked the change ,or not. Why not join me over the next few months and particularly on June 29th. Bookings taken now. £10.00 per person. Dont miss out.


We all create rubbish. Things of no use to us. From the shopping wrappers the companies are so fond of ,as we need encouragement to buy items, to those that are needed to keep things fresh. What ever happened to the paper bag. Do you remember buying bicuts in woolworths on a Saturday afternoon, while the men watched wrestling.
I have noticed that when I visit other countries that many wrap meat and perishables in grease proof papaer. That will soon disintergrate in th rubbish heap. No plastic bags added either. Then theres the largerrubbish, old or outdated furniture, no longer fitting into the modern homes of today. Re-cycle your unwanted goods. why not chop the wood up for fire wood or reclaim it for a shelf. Maybe pass it on to someone in need of a seat.
Clothes go into collecting points for others to wear or even into paper to save our trees. No problem there.
The biggest problem is the chuck away society we live in, which was created back as far as just after the war years. Must haves ,have become an advertising pitch. Where will it all end?
The cotton bag or fashionable hand bag helps to carry shopping home with a smile. User friendly. Planet friendly. every littlt helps,as Tesco says.Good old Tesco. We can even have points to save the envirement there. Brillent idea. I always have a cotton bag in my hand bag, but then I grew up in the 1950’s and 1960’s in my youth. When you were sent to shop with a bag to carry things home in and you felt all grown up in doing so.
What about cars and appliences, where do they all go? Then theres the T.V’s and mobile phones. I bet we could cover a wall in them in every street. What happened to our manufacturing, when every thing wore out in a few years and needed replacing. Why? It makes far more sense to produce items to last and maintain. Spare parts would be a much easier solution than new, new ,new.
We have heard of incenerators more and more of late. no thank you. Would you want one in your back yard? I don,t think so.
A scientist spoke on radio Cornwall recently. did he feel he would like to live next door to one. I don’t think so.
 We need to think recycle. we need to think ,do I really NEED THAT? or That.
What about the mobile phone industry, my goodness, they have to have the latest gadget or………….. It’s a phone for bl…….Sake. It has a very important role in our modern world. To contact someone when needed. Is it really needed for idle chit chat? why not pop in and see your friend or loved one and have a nice cup of tea. Does’nt cost much, does it?
The phones are piling up in the world,where are they all going?
My other was heard to say one day, So many methods of communication yet still so many lonely people in the world. How true.
Back to rubbish. i sat in horror as a recent programme on the T.V hit my front room. The poor Albatros is not able to bring it’s young birds to maturity as the rubbish that is floating on the sea is unwittingly fed to the baby birds by it’s parents. this has a devastating effect as the stomach is filled by pieces of plastic ,so food cannot get into the birds system to give it full strength to fly. How sad is that?
 This is rubbish floating on the sea thae parent birds mistake for food. They know no better as the sea has for thousands of years fed them. thjey do not know that the plastic pieces of, childrens tos,lighters,golf balls, plastic bags,and much more are not food. The consequence is devastating. they die an awful sad death of starvation as they cannot get to fly and the young woman in the documentry showed us the remains of hundreds of birds that had suffered and died and left behind the plastic that had killed them. It does not end there. Many animals and marine life is falling foul to this destruction. Will we stop when we cannot eat as the fish and birds are no longer there and the planet is so pulluted that we struggle to survive. i hope not. Please lets sit up and take note of these happenings NOW.Could our scientisst be the first to help us creat packaging that diintergrates when it is no longer needed,and put into the compost heap. maybe we could all pick up litter we see ,with particular attention to our beaches,land and sea. It may get people off the dull ques and into work. Keeping us litter free. we have to start somewhere. Please dont drop that piece of paper on the floor ot beer can. take it home and dipose of it carefully and with responsibilty.
Lets think about putting a stop to the throw away culture and be more serious of our needs. I wonder who would make their first million finding a sulution to the litter problem. I know I would bless them.