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Seeing and Hearing friends who have just passed into spirit

To begin this story I was on my computer  the other day sending instant messages to a friend who had recently lost her father. i did not know this as we had not known each othet for very long. this friend had also been unwell for a while now and had commented how nice it would be if she had some evidence that her loved one was drawing near.
A request she had never asked before. i sensed she was really under the weather and as I tuned for her iIgot three names, ceril, brian and Mr Walter.
Did she know any of them? There was a pause in communications. Was she still with me? Nothing. Then A reply came very excited, all three people were known to her husband. She  had been shouting to him in the next room.
Two of the names were indeed two shopkeepers he had known as a child. The other character was a friend. They were gobsmacked. I knew the conection was giving them evidence but not how. this often happens on first tuning.
It was a shame however as the communication had to end this day as it was getting late and she was tired. Though she was looking forward to me tuning for her again.
The whole thing reminded me of when I had not been well myself earlir this year.
It was in the middle of the morning when a friend of the family had passed into spirit. i knew because he arrived in my front room as solid as you like, telling me to tell his wife he was OK.
I said I would do my best but needed some help as I did not know his wife that well and after all she may not appreciate me saying such things. I left it there.
It sounds like something out of a film, but it really happened that way.
I fell asleep not long after and forgot the message.
The very next day I had an invitation ,to go to dinner with the widow with my husband and other guest the following week.
This brought back the message and the seeing of the husband who had recently died.
The widow said we had to go. We had to have dinner with her it was not an option.
I was glad to see her. When we arrived there should have been other guest there. Though there was no-one in sight. We entered the door and there she was. All ready to say hello in her favorite chair.
Help yourself to a drnk dear. She said. go behind there and find yourselves a bottle of wine, you see I dont drink wine,only spirits. Which she said giving me a wicked wink.
We sat having conversation with her for ages, and i began to think we had the wrong day. Are your other guest arriving shortly, I asked.
Oh Yes, she replied.
She was a little tipsy to be kind, but we chatted away and the oportunity came to tell her about her husband.
On having the message she smiled. I dont know how he managed that you know he didnt believe.
I sat a little nervous , and added that it takes time to come to terms with such sadness. that she would gradually move forward…that the summer was ahead of her. As I said the words I saw no summer ahead of her. Her ora changed and she smiled at me again. Oh dear it was going to be a long evening.
I had also begun a ramping tooth ache. At last the other guest arrived. they had been unexpectedly held up. ( Was the husband making sure she got the message?)
Dinner was served and she watched aswe enjoyed our meal and the compaany that sat at the table.
I kept getting it was her goodbye meal to all her company. that this had been going on for days. I had it confirmed by the other guest that she had been doing these meals all week. She looked exhausted.
This lovely lady who had spent a lot of her youth entertaining others in the theatre, was saying her last goodbyes.
She was amusing and witty. She cooked beutifully. She was the perfect hostess.
I did not feel that she was long for this world.
We left and strangly , my husband said, You know I dont think she will last long on her own. She needs caring for.
He was not far wrong. Within a week she had been admitted to hospital. She had taken a fall. She was weak and she died .
I knew before I got the phone call as she had woken me up around two thirty in the morning with her laughter and as I woke there she stood at the bottom of my bed with her husband. she said, I am OK now, tell my daughter please. So when the phone call came with the news  later that morning it was not a shock. The daughter got the message, though I felt she never understood what was said.
They were togeather as they always had been. happy you see. The funeral chapel was full of friends and loved ones but they were already long gone……………….

Holiday in Cornwall, near the Eden project

An Apartment for two in St.Austell
Ever wanted to visit Cornwall near the seaside,Eden Project, Heligan Gardens, St.Austell Brewery, English China Clays,Hall for Cornwall etc etc.
Ever wanted to find a quite self catering place to stay that also has a therapist of aromatherapy, healing, indian head massage, reflexology and shiatsu. Plus the added bonus of the opportunity of private readings given by world renown Gayle Force, who was born in St.Austell.
Some people who have already stayed here have written a song for the first time in years, painted a picture, watched a movie, walked to the beach, enjoyed the local resturants, and slept the best they have for years when away from home.
People have just chilled in the garden, read a book or indeed begun writing one. It is a good place to just be, to take yourself away from the busy influence of life.
The apartment is light and airy, with a longe area where you can enjoy T.V or music or just watch the world go by.The kitchen is equiped so you can cook a meal or pop something into the microwave. Towels and linen supplied. The bedroom, (with twin beds) has an ensuite shower and toilet.The apartment is carpeted throughout and is fully central heated.
Single people are welcome as well as couples or friends.
There is a local public house and club a walking distance away from the apartment. The local spar shop and super market are also a very short distance. The Eden Project ca be walked from here or a short drive away. The St.Austell town centre is about fifteen minutes from the apartment. The bus and railway station are the same. There is a bus route right to the top of our road and there are plenty of taxis.
The booking of the apartment can be done on line or by phone.
E-mail or phone 01726 70786.
the bookings go from Sat to Sat.We look forward to hearing from you.

Had a Molar removed….Contination

Having got some sleep I awoke with the pain. It was of course very painful. I needed to get out for a glass of water as I was so dry. It was after getting back from the kitchen that I nearly collapsed. My legs went from me and I only managed to get myself to the floor as I felt myself going. It was an awful experince.
The next morning after once again settling into some sort of sleep I awoke with pains in my chest going around my heart area.
My breathing was shallow and I really did not feel well.I remained calm. I have done some nursing and first aid so I did not think I was having a heart attack but what ever the problem was it was not right.
I phoned my doctors surgery. Of course in my poorley state I had forgotten it was kerno doc at the hospital on Saturday mornings now.The nurse I spoke to was very concered. Could I take a deep breath and was I getting any worse as I was talking?
Thankfully I got an appiontment very quickly to see the doctor.My husband and I arrived at the hospital within fifteen minutes of that call.
On examination it appeared that the extraction had caused all the muscels in the chest,throat,and neck to tighten. Causing a lot of pain and soreness. It had given symptoms like a heart attack. Also I had had a very bad reaction to the injection,which by then I was beginning to wander about. It was then that I found out that the injection I had been given was the wrong one for my system. This had been noted from when I was sixteen, after a bad reaction. Strange how this had been missed. The dentist that day was so busy.
Two weeks later I was still very ill. I had to cancel all my work. I slept a lot and my painful mouth was being treated with pain killers. It was really unbelievable. Before the tooth extraction I was fin, in my general health.
Eventualy four weeks down the line I began to feel better and even went to my art class friends and family could not believe what had happened to me.
I have medical friends from my work over the years and one told me it is quite serious when back teeth are pulled, as they have a reputation of causing…wait for it….heart attacks.
So if you wondered why I shared this experience with you all. It is a warning,for you to be careful if you have to have any back teeth removed. Make sure that you take someone with you to take you home. Make sure you do not have any problems with different forms of injections that knock out the pain. Make sure your dentist is aware of the serious nature of these kinds of removals. You may need to have them done in a hospital were you can be monitered.
If you have any problems after such extractions get medical help right away. Make sure any pain killers you do take you know you are ok with in your normal health. Consult your G.P if you are unsure about anything. Let me tell you, an asprin does not take away this sort of pain.
I was advised by my doctor before I took anything else.
I am now five weeks away from the experience and have just begun to feel better. I now seem to have a piece of bone trying to come away from within the gum. Sore and I forgot my tounge felt so bad I could hardly talk.
I did have one evebt I managed to complete nearly three weeks after this. the tiredness and pain contiued and I just grinned and bared it.
No one it appeared new I was suffering. I did. It was a long evening,to me. I could not let my audience down, and I am glad I managed to do it.So be aware everone this needs to be treated carefully.

Had a back molar removed

Well I am now five weeks down the line from the painful experience of having the very back molar removed. It all began with three days of pain before I got to the dentist. Not that I was waiting to see my dentist, only I thought the pain may go away. It didnt.
So after a phone call I got in my dentist on an emergency, as you do. I took my husband with me as I have been known to have strange reactions to anaesthetic. I was also feeling pretty rough.
I sat in the dentist chair,feeling it was an out job,as I put it. The dentist agreed and proceeded to give me an injection to take the pain away. Normal you might think. Bear in mind my records ,as far as I knew had that I could not have adrenalin injections as I had a dangerous reaction to them. I went outside and waited ,with my husband for the pain to deaden. It did not. Though as I stood up my legs felt as though they were going to go away from me. I mentioned this to the dentist as I bravely sat in the chair. Already i was thinking,is this the wrong injection. I can still feel the pain , I announced, and my legs feeel as though they dont belong to me.  I was no stranger to the surgery, I might add,as I have been there for over thirty years having regular check up etc.
It was suggested another injection should do the trick. I again said how I was feeling. to no answer from my dentist. It was however not my normal dentist as mine was on hoilday.
So another was administered.
The pain numbed but I could still feel a bit. No matter i said. Get on with it. He did. It was not dredful I could only feel certain movements.
However as the extraction took place it became apparent there was a problem.
The tooth didnt want to come out. It had to be dug out and with great quick thinking my dentist managed to do so. All over he announced. Thank god I thought. Giving me the usual swab to bite on I went to pay for the prcendure. Actually I was bleeding quite heavy for me. The nurse gave me another piece to bite on and we went home. Still in pain once the injection wore off , I managed to stop the bleeding by contiuous biting for a long time. I felt very tired and propped up the pillows of my bed and somehow managed some sleep.
Throbbing pain woke me, and I was so poorly. I had not eaten all day only drank carefully. I was woozy.
I eat some soup , drank some water. Felt really unwell. Now like most , I have had other exreactions but this was a nightmare.
I took some pain killers for help with the pain and went to bed and slept. Until I woke in the middle of the night and got out of bed. I nearly collapsed. I felt myself going so went to the floor calling my husband.
My body was limp,like I died, my voice was gone I could only grunt. All my musels were heavy. I did not faint but as near dam it.
It was very frightning. My husband said my colour completely went and he was seconds away from calling an ambulance.
The next morning I was an emergency in my doctors surgery at the local hospital.
TO BE CONTINUED……………………………..

Sound – Healing

Sound – Healing
From an early age I loved music. I was brought up in a family that enjoyed music so i suppose it was natural for me to explore different types of music. from Pop to cassical, folk to rock – n – roll. Music takes you to foot tapping to it to dancing. At the age of twelve I was taken to learn ballroom dancing and my father said one day, " You will never forget ballroom once you learn , it is like riding a bike". He of course was right.
It also led to a type of music , that is to me romantic, pleasurable and drifting.
I was at one of my parties i often arraged at Chrismas for the family and friends to get togeather , when a cousin said, " you dance to anything". It was then i discovered that not everyone felt music as i did and seen the colours of music. I have during my life met those who do share this phenonomen.
I found whilst healing that  needed a special relaxing music to heal by. To relax my client and bring an ambeince into the room of healing. Though silence is also a sound.
I began seeing people for healing back in the 1970’s when there was little to actually sooth the soul. The first I found was albatros by Fleetwood Mac. Then Pan Pipe music became popular.
Some classics, like ballet music  for example,but the classics often had a piece of the music that often suddenly burst into loud sounds, to put it mildly.
Later I was luky to meet people like Neil h and other spiritual composers who lended themselves to the healing energies.
I also met a man called Ben Scott long after I had begun using sound as healing , but as part of my teachings here on the earthplane.
 Ben and i remain friends to this day and he has given me the great honour of using his wlife studies for my work to join with my own.
I also have singing bowls that once belonged to my friend.
I began with bells and voice. then added feathers and singing bowls and chimes and rattles.
there are times when our mind , body and spirit need the energies of particular sounds to aid healing.
During my work as a sound – healer I have learnt a lot of how people respond to the helpers of the instuments , I use. I conclude a session of sound – healing with my voice.
It has ben noted that the higher sounds are for around the head area, when the lower sounds are the lower part of the body.
A basic example of the useage of the sounds. i have certain bells that have such a wonderful tone that you can feel their ability to aid healing.
I have had depressed,panic attack, drug abuse, long term headaches, and mentle problems helped with the use of natural healing and sound. Some may take longer than others , but persiverance is the key. A long term illness may take a few sessions more than something nipped in the bud. The way I see it is does it matter so long as the person gets there.
I had a major operation when I was thirty eight, ( an ectopic pregnacy, which also had a baby in the womb that was lost after I had been sterilised for eleven years)and thankfully I survived it. My guides dignosed me, as the doctors had no idea what was wrong.
Eventually I was listened to and was saved. I suffere depression and after that a long eight years of pain in my left side no one could explain. I recieved healing and eventually met another healer similer to myself. It was through the help and guidence of this person I became well again. I tell this as part of this story because it is relevant to how long it can take to heal. then there was a lady that came with her husband for healing to help her concieve. she had almost given up. Within weeks of the session she and her husband had she was pregnant,and now has a healthy child. Then there was the lad who begun seeing me for healing after his parents heard me on the radio. I knew nothing of his problem only that he was deprssed. He gradually got better. He had regular healing. His life began to get a meaning again. He had the support of his parents and doctor.He is now back to work,got his own relationship ( something he thought was lost forever) and looks after his own life.Occasionally when he feels the need he coes back for a top up of healing. I have always used sound healing with him as well as natural/spiritual healing.
So from singing bowls, rainstick , feather, bells and voice comes the gentle sounds and colours of healing to balnce on a different level to healing with out sound healing. Sometimes shifting negative energies when other methods have failed. Lets keep an open mind here. It works.

Readings,Clairvoyant,Medium,and Spiritual

Readings from Gayle Force, International Cornish Clairvoyant, Medium and Healer
Readings are an important part of the work I do. Many people from all walks of life enquire about their lives or loved ones in spirit . Often people come for a reading to gain confirmation of their own gifts,maybe of healing or clairvoyancy. It is a great privalage to work with spirit , and with the lovely guides that have choosen to use me to work with them.
The aim is quite simple. It is to help others. This can be in the form of a medium readimg where often the person that has passed will come through and give evidence of their exsistence on the earth plane. Their joys,their memories with you,things connected to you and them that will make it clear that it is your loved one that is communicating. As a clairvoyant( seeing spirit) I often see your loved ones too. This is how you would get a discription of them. Then there are many times I will get their name or a connection of where they came from or their last place of home.
Sometimes they connect with another loved one visting first.So much to share.
Clairvoyant readings are more concentrated on you. On your life ahead and health,love ,money,work,home,and much more. There are of course times when a loved one steps forward to say hello when you are having a more you focused reading, often with a message.
A lady visited me three years ago , in a time of trumma in her life. In and amongst the reading the birth of three children in her life was given. It had apparently wieghed heavy on her shoulders as to if there were going to be any.
Well the children were there and my guides gave me dates of the time the children would arrive. Almost excatly to the day the first child arrived and the lady phoned me to tell me so.
A man had lost his wife,and before he contacted me she kept appearing in my garden. I did not know who she was but by the time the husband arrived ,weeks later, I knew her quite well.
She also had followed me around my garden that day and told me to pick the yellow rose that was in blossom for her husband.
Little did she realise the effect it would have on him, or me. Amongst his delighted state of recieving the rose, he told me it was her birthday and the last rose she had planted was a yellow rose which is in bloom to this day.
Another story that springs to mind that was very relevant to the lady concered. She was small and slim in stature. Pale and quite when she sat nervously with me. We had a cup of tea togeather ,as all my clients are invited to do, andwhen we got to her health ,I told her what i saw. A clean bill of health and all was well. She looked seriuosly at me and said, "I have cancer". I told her I could only give her what my guides gave me and with over forty years experience I had not known them to be wrong.
Weeks went by after she left and I did send absent healing to her as well, to help her mind energy.
The phone went and a voice said," do you remeber me I am…"  " Yes , I replied, how are you?" "Fine thankyou,you know you were right, about my health" a pause, " I am sorry I was in shock when you said I was fine, but I am and I thought you should know that ".
There was the lady who could not concieve. She and her husband came for a reading to see if they would have children. During the reading I suggested a healing session each on the same day. To balance the chakras and help the concieving of the child I saw ready for them. Within a month there was a baby on the way. This happened after years of medical help that didnt get there for them. It is not always a psychical  problem , sometimes there are other reasons.
To have a private reading with me just phone  01726 70786 or email , I can work totally on the internet , giving you a reading where ever you are. Or come to me and enjoy a reading at my sactuary in St,Austell.
I also work in groups or parties ….your place or mine.

St.Austell Brewery events of the paranormal

The event at St.Austell brewery went with a zing.
The group gathered as they arrived on time for the paranormal evening. I began with a poem and then the now famous,paranormal quiz. It is a bit of light hearted fun as we have to think of paranormal answers to each question. The winners get my special book marks hand painted especially for the event.
It was not long before we all gathered in the visitors room for the first seance of the evening. Everyone was biginning to feel the ghostly energies of people long gone into the spirit world.
Here in this part of the brewey are fun loving michievious spirit,who want you to know they are there. some felt the tingling of their hair as spirit drew nearer.
From this poit we entered the museum room where we did psychometry on the copper now situated in the room. The copper is dated back into the victorian era and many got different reactions from touching it, including the strong sensation of heat. ( Even though it is only ornamental now)
The group also felt many energies here.
WE took our tour of the brewery,the ghost walk, to where it is well known that Walter hicks ,himself is thought to keep an eye on the workings.
Then we entered the grain room. This is the place of another seance. Holding hands the group experienced the feeling of being touched by one of the spirit from the c15.
Then others began to get images of scenes and I had many people wanting to contact.
It is hard to remember all the names that came through but some have gone on my records for rurther investigations.
The group was then guided back to the visitors room where we had a break and time to socalise before the audince readings. the evening gave us several orb images that we have yet to see if we captured them. They were seen by myself and otheres with the naked eye. Whay fantastic evidence.
The readings came fast and my guide ,running water and i worked very hard. There was a lot of people who got the messages they had been looking for. many came over and spoke after the event with evidense that the readings were once again spot on. Years of working with these wonderful guides show in the accuracy of the work. It is my pleasure to help everyone. It is a great opportunity to visit the brewery on a regular basis. The next events are….June 8th and june 29th.. Dont miss out. Are you brave enough to join me? Bookings taken now…and for Halloween …31st October. See you there. )1726 70786. £10.00 per person.
All cheques to Gayle force and sent to….Easthlome, Boldventure Road, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL25 3 Ea. Thankyou