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Visit to La Gomera in the Canaries

Journey to La Gomera 
We dont do package holidays.So after careful planning we began our journey to our destination a day before going to the airport, and stayed at a B and B over night before waiting to get on the plane that was to take us to the Canary islands.
Tenerife was where we were heading. We were allocated seats just behind the wings, not one of the best places to travel due to all the extra noise. Also it seemed that lift off was far more noticable in these seats.However it was an extreamly good flight and landing into Tenerife. I was glad we had made the effort for the early flight as we were still feeling fresh. The Tenerife sun shone to greet us, and we were led to a bus full of people ,so much so as we were squashed in a ladt apologised for having no choice but to lean on me. Was this a holiday?As we entered the building with our passports open wide we quickly filed through to await our suitcases. The conveyer belt was speeding around and there was ours like magic.
 You meet alsorts of people on your travels and it never ceases to amaze me how many of them come from just up the road,from where I live. So many things had changed since last I travelled. No water allowed on the plane in your bag. For instant. Sod dehydration you have to buy everything on the plane. How the good suffer for the not so good in the world today. Still if it keeps us all safe then what we have to do ,we will.
It is however at this point that I wish to piont out that a lady who went through the diabled route also went through with her water bottle intact. just a point. Maybe a very valid one. Anyway there I was standing talking to a lady who lived in LOstwithel and who played bowls in Poltair Park Green, just up the road from where I live. A place I had spent most of my life walking through , and I have watched bowls being played since I was a child going to school. Ahh the suitcaese were all here and it was time to find a taxi. To the harbour of LOs Christianas we explained. It was really hoe in the taxi with no windows open as he wizzed down to the harbour. I for one was glad when that journey was over. We were travling to La Gomera by boat 
and had around two hours to wait before boarding the boat. It was time to get refreshments and relax.
When the boat arrived people came gathering around ,even a man with a little dog in a bag jioned the que. Hippy type people also boarded ,with their children. There seemed to be a lot of german being spoken and we did not realise that many people from germany frequent La Gomera . In fact more from Germany than anywhere else . The boat sailed out of the harbour and rocked from side to side. The cabin that was full of seats and the whole space was really stuffy. It had already been a long day. I began to feel strange and then I had a splitting head, Oh no I thought, Never again.  We reached St.Sebastien and then the journey up the coast was fine. The sea seemed more settled but I could not wait to land. The little girl beside our seats was quite poorly ,and I began to see how lucky I was. Poor little thing.As we arrived people were all over the port looking to see if anyone wanted accomadation. A taxi. We had our apartment about a couple of miles away and got into another taxi to complete our journey.
On reaching our destination nearly thirteen hours after our start, we felt exhausted. The apartment was great. We decided to go and get something to eat. Then when we went to settle down. What was that. The roaring of the rough seas around the island were right next to were we were staying. Oh no. Ear plugs in we tryed to sleep. It was not so difficult as we were so tired…..
Our ears were still buzzing as we had breakfast after we had shopped in the local supermarket or corner shop to us.
The beach and rocks werea mere hundred yards from where we were staying. Who could possibly buil such places with any sense?
More to come…………………………………………………… 

Back from Tenerife and La Gomera in the Canaries.
Apart from a holiday my husband and i visited La Gomera for the first time,which is the round island off of Tenerife with a circumference of about twenty miles. I always feel the vibrational energy of places I visit as I settle into to the envirement. We had booked a privately owened apartment form a friend in london. It was in Valley Gran rey, one of the most spiritual plaes in the Canaries. it is well known that hippy style people came to the island many moons ago and have stayed and settled in the hills. Some still jion this band of people for relaxing holidays. We were luky to have enjoyed the moon eclpse here with the atmosphere of guitar ans singers playing around a round table outside the public house/resturant. The sea and beach was a few yards away from this and we took our selves to the beach as the eclpse bgan. There was a lot of people aware of what was going on. The north of the island had a huge musical party going on in celebration of the change of energy as the moom was covered by the earths shadow and I wrote a poem which I will share with you all shortly. The energy was like a cleansing of the earthplane and a peacefulness washed over the island. the aromatherapist we had met expressed a similer feeling to us the next day. To me La Gomera is a has a special healing energy in this part of the island and even though it took longer to get there I feel we will be going back. It will also be nice to return and re-link in with the new friends we have made.More to come on experiences in Tenerife.