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Jon of God,Healer on BBC 2 Monday Evning.

Jon of God from Brazil
I sat with anticipation as I watched people all dressed in white walk down the street to see Jon of god. White is of course the purest of colour with every colour of the universe within it, so to me this request that people wear white clothing was not unusual. As many meditated within the temple walls you could feel the energies through the T.V ,or was that my imagination. No I don’t think so.  I am still not sure about the intruments shoved up the nose,but then when there are no answers in other quaters we have to try something that works. Evidence shows in many writings on Jon of God from many years ago that his gifts have helped many. Of course his gifts cannot create seen miracles for everyone ,even doctors lose paitents from time to time. It was not understood that the lady in the programme was sent home to die, but he had done all he could and her asention in the spirit world would have been eased by her experience and help with this mans guides.I always feel the programmes are trying to unravel the healing energies. How can we give people an answer. Suffice to say I have personally been healed by the healing energies over the years,and once after a health problem that had lasted eight years. The lady who helped me that time was in my audience and saw the pain around me. I was guided to be there that day.Healing flows from the universal energies commonly known as God. At least that is how I have always been taught by my healing guides. I say guides because there are many,all for different illnesses.Different problems.Over time my guides have shown me colour energies coming from my hands. Light beams from my hands and feet. Peoples aura’s,sometimes right into the bone or organ structure. It depends on what is needed.I often ‘see’ beings of light working with me. I have ora’s open while I am working at times to allow spiritual surgens to do their stuff.In these cases the person recieving the deep healing session often goes ‘off’ somwhere.Or they see colours all around and become fasinated by this,and relax until I touch their hand and speak to them.Again for me ,with my own work progressing all the time (I have been working since a child)It was fasinating to hear such similarities to my own work with spirit.I think the BBC did a good job on this world renown man. It also was good to hear how he got a living as many people for some reason seem to think with spiritual gifts you should also wear yourself out doing other work. Why? Do artist,actors,mathmaticians,muscians do other work when they are gifted?A healer or spiritual worker spends a whole lifetime learning ,tuning,meditating , and practising to help others.The need to do this work comes from within. It is as natural as breathing. Though so many questions are asked, we cannot answer all the questions as we ourselves trust the wonderful guides and helpers that help us to help you. I have exceped healing many times for my health, why worry about how it works. It is pure unconditional love.The highest energy anyone can give another. Animals as well as humans. Plants and mother earth all benifit from healing.I also work with sound healing ,again it all began quite naturally. From the search for a piece of music to play as people came to see me back in the 1970’s to working with rainstick,bells,voice and sing bowls. Healing is a wonderful experience. It is relaxing,helps stress. Helps with many illnesses,of mind,body and spirit. Next I will write about some of my clients over the years with changed names of course,purley to give some examples.To show where healing has helped and puzzles I had had for a while.So to conclude Jon of God , good programme,and a thankyou to him for the short interview. We all need faith whether it be in other professions or healing. Believing  helps but healing works with everyone.

Ecoflow the company that changes lives

My friends David and Lynda Millner have been aware of the benifits of magnotherapy for a long time,as I have.Ecoflow is the name of the company that supplies many of these lovely products. From bracelets to animal collers to wraps for you or your horses.Then you can benifit from your drinks being helped to balance energies with the magnetic drink mat.There’s a drink called tiantian,soya based with much more ,that can give you extra get up and go.It is rich in anti-oxidants and it taste delicious.What has more recently interested me is the electro protection magnet that can help guard against the effects of mobile phones on our bodies and the necklace version that has been helping me whilst I have spent time on the computer. Being clairvoyant and a healer my energies are very sensitive and i found it difficult to stay on the computer for very long before I felt the energies affecting me. Now with the help of my necklace I feel much better. So I can highly recommend these protectors and if you would like to purchase one then give me a call or contact Lynda on 01409 281125 or 0034 950 46 77 09 (which is Spain).Bewithus is the new broucher out this year of many new products this fabulous company spends time researching for your health benifits.An example here is the new AVOCADO products from south africa. A day cream ,night cream, neck cream, nourishing oil all from natural products,and soothing for your skin.In 50ml containers in general and only costing £12.00 an item I have found that to be much more reasonable than a lot of products already a vailable on the market.A fragrance free range for your cleanser,face wash hair conditioner and face mask to name but a few of these wonderful products. All from £7.50per item.Now with germs rampent every where you look or touch what about trying the latest in santising gels fro your hands from £2.50 for 100ml.Fabulous when nursingor caring for a sick loved one. Can put your mind at ease.That protective Biophone product is £35.00 per item and the necklace that helps me so much is £75.00 per item. i also wear my magnet bracelet when I am tired and neeed a boost to my sytem and when I am travling because it helps my energy and eleveates travel sickness for me.The classic magnetic bracelet cost £35.00 and is suitable for men and women.The new booklet offers so many new items it is better to view it for yourself. Or why not become a distributer yourself. So much to gain ,including meeting lovely people like David and Lynda, who travel the world distributing bewithus. Could not have had a better title.Link in to their site,web address and enjoy this conection with wonder friends.