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Raymond and St.Paul

Raymond and St.Paul BBC 2 Monday Evening
I watched with anticipation as BBC 2 once again gave a programme on healing. I have not met Raymond, but several of my friends have. I have however been interested in his work. Stange but true ,as a healer working on a regular basis I rarely come across other healers with similer gifts to my own.I  enjoyed this programme as it did portray healing in a much better light. The programme also showed how the pathway of healing is not always an easy one. Contrary to how many people perseve the way of life. Like Paul said in the filming of the programme,we dont need to prove ourselves,the work does that. In that people get better.However as we often say, there is a need of disipline in the way we work and portray ourselves. Raymond/Paul to me did a good job. Interestingly ,to see the families responmse was ,often the same for many healers .About four years ago I worked in Spain giving readings,healing ,meditation and work-shops,over a two week period. It was at a time when I had been suffering muscle spasms in my back. These had been there for over eight years after a major operation that had saved my life.The problem was the spasms were getting worryingly worse. Here I met a Spanish healer who was working in a simler vain to myself. A new way of working. Through the eutherical bodies,without touching the pysical body.A new team had jioned me for a while now,and as a clairvoyant I could ‘see’ them as I worked on my clients.Exciting and mesmerising at the same time. I was getting evidence from my clients that the procedure worked like an operation. My guides told me it was spiritual surgery. I began to run a test of several people free of charge for me to try this new method out. Several told me they had most certainly felt a difference in their health. What was I  finding was that some people even had marks on their bodies as though they had been cut and it had quickly healed up. For intance  a lady who had previously experienced an operation on her adomen which left scars.after see me for a session had similer scars for a day. She had not been able to concieve again with problems that had been occuring. After this strangs phenonomen she concieved and had twins. All was well and still is. She is great. A man who had ben suffering with headaches for a long time ,also got better. He had had a continuous headache for sevseral years. I began a search for others like myself,with no avail ,until I met the lady in Spain. Or rather she found me on one of my talks. So this time I was the client. I lay on the bed face down,as the ‘operation’ took place. My back was sore for a few days after. I have had no problems since that day.I had the treatment on my birthday that year,my husband,andspanish friends awere all present at the time. I came back to England with so much to share,and a new friend in the same field. our aim is to help people as much as we can.We nver know as to how much effect that is going to be. Then to a degree that can be said when we go under the knife or take medication from the medical proffession.Though we all have the enquirers well being at heart.We should all be able to work in harmony togeather.Imagine a world where there is harmony and no illneses. Where everyone is fit and well. I had a vsion a few years ago ,of people being healed in rooms of colours and sounds. With beutiful lights and a feeling of tranquility. Was that heaven? So to conclude. Raymond/Paul,well done for being part of the programme. Bless you for all your good work. Gayle Force January 2007.

BBC2 10pm Trust me I Am A Healer

Well have you seen this programme? It has been a second edition this week. Where are they finding these people? I followed the first one with my nerves in a jangle as they proceeded to follow a healer who gave drugs to some of his clients. Shock ,Horror. Though the man seemed to give healing with the best intentions,(without drugs of any kind). He seemed in tune with nature and had an infinity with the faries and knomes of the moor and tree spirits.All of which is not news to spiritual people. There are many levels.This week we had Steven who has been filmed many times in the past. He has some vidieos that he has produced showing his level of healing. For many Steven has been their saviour and I am sure he will continue to be so. Why was he preaching the camera man asked. Preaching?questioned Steven. He was merely spreading the feeling ,the word,of how he was feeling,at the time he was working.Is that preaching? Or is it sharing an experience?Come on everyone,jion in the debate.I look frorward to hearing from you.

Self Catering Holiday in Cornwall

As blustering weather and grey skies roar around us,our thoughts drift to calmer days and lighter evenings. Winter to me is a time of recuperation. The time to save ones energy and think, beside the crackling fireside.A goodtime to catch up with family and friends.As well as planning the next seasons garden and holiday.If you are thinking of visiting Cornwall and would like a place to unwind and relax in St.Austell,then give our self-catering apartment a thought. The place is only two years old,and is tucked away in the tranquil atmosphere of our private garden. Far away from the hussle and bussle of busy sea side places and towns ,yet close enough for you to walk to the nearest beach of Charlestown. The apartment was designed for two sharing,though we are quite happy to welcome singles also.In fact we have already found several guest who have enjoyed our space and, one muscian wrote a song, a lady painted a picture and read a book for the first time for ages.It has it’s own special energies that are very healing,and of course as you enjoy your time here you can recieve healing,have a reading,an aromatherapy massage,a reflexology session or an indian head massage.All available by appiontment either as you book your holiday or when you have settled into your break.The whole place is light and airy,painted white throughout. Carpeted for your comfort,with a modern kitchen space which houses a microwave amomgst other cooking facilities.A very comfortable settee awaits you to sit on it and enjoy some music,television,or just listning to the lovely birds that frequent our garden.Or spot a butterfly or humming bird hawk moth as they feed on the flowers.The bedroom has twin beds, and this leads to the ensuite shower and toilet.The usual appliances are available, such as hairdryer,ironing board,iron,microwave etc.We do operate a non-smoking policy so as all our customers can enjoy the clean air.Sorry but we do not cater for animals or children. There is a section of garden that has been adopted for you our guest to enjoy with outside furniture,so you can take advantage of our lovely summer evenings in this quite place. We begin and end our weeks with a Saturday, and we are available all year around.As a winter break the costing of one week begins at £250.00 and varies at different times during the season.
As we are central to the whole of Cornwall there is the opportunity to visit many places. These could include The Eden project that is just up the road, Heligan gardens,Newquay zoo,Stone circles,Holy wells,moors and woodlands and of course the local beaches. The city of Truro is about half ann hours drive away and The city of Plymouth in Devon is about an hours drive away. Buses and trains are also close by if you would like a day off from driving.There are many walks near where we are and several walks that we ourselves have enjoyed with a lunch at a local public house or resturant as we have gone around. We also often take a flask of tea or soup and go off for the day.My husband is an upholsterer and a drummer,so you can see where the creative energy lies with him. Like myself he is a healer.Many interest we have in common seem to be interesting to our guest. Like photography,walking,music,art,and gardning.If there is an event going on that I am giving such as a work-shop,paranormal evening or audience readings for example I will let you know when you book with us. One last word. We look forward to welcoming you to our apartment.Photo’s of the apatment and some places we visit will be on this site shortly.

Ghost at BBC Radio Cornwall

I was in the middle of christmas celebrations when the phone rang. Hi ,Is that Gayle ?,said a voice I reconised.I need you to help me with my show on Decenber 27th ,can you do that darling.I checked my diary,yes that would be fine.So on the morning i was due down the studios,I lefthome good time from St.Austell as I did not know what the traffic was going to be like ,with all the sales being on and Truro being so busy.
On my arrival to the studios I was greeted and taken into Lawrences room where you sit to wait to go on,and were Karen was busy answering the phone lines. People were ringing on all sorts of subjects but the phones were alredy going for Gayle Force.I decided to wander over towards the studio Lawrence usually works in ,his space,as I could see an energy biulding in that direction. now I have been to the studios several times before and never have I had all the spiritual contact I was having on that day. I felt a vortex of energy had been open in Lawrences studio,it was a blast of really cold air as I walked into it. Having been invited to see what I could find there by Lawrence himself.I dashed out from the studio to see what the temperature was like from were I had just come from. Lawrence was telling the listners of Cornwall about Gayle Force flying out from his studio. of course it must have looked strange. What have you found dear he shouted to me as he played a record. I had seen a gentlman from the victorian era called John Smale and he had ,he had told me, died from a heart attack ,and had slid into the river by the BBC studios were his bones still lay. Then an edwardian looking lady appeard standing and looking up the river for a loved one who never came back. She was holding a parasol. The vortex of energy I walked through again I noted to myself needed a cleansing.A George Rayner also appeard to me and he was from the 1950’s era ,he showed me himself surrounded by boxes of produce right on the river edge. All interesting stuff. Lawrence waved me in to begin working on air with him. A member of the BBC sports team was to have a reading by my holding his hand and seeing what was instore for him. A young man who had musical talent and a yearning to be on the sea in sailibng boats. A man who also had two children written in his hand,the first being a strong boy child. Another contact from spirit told me that the river had flooded in 1927,but so far all I have found is that Truro was the first city /town in Cornwall to have electric lights installed in it’s street. Interesting in itself. I will delve deeper into the archives.It was time for me to chat to Lawrence about clairvoyance,mediumship and healing. What would I call myself to the man in the street he said. For example ,said Lwrence,I would say I am a journalist. I replyed I suppoes i would say, I am a clairvoyant, as most people today have heard of a clairvoyant. A record was played and then the sad news came of a bad accident on the goss moor on the A30. it was at this time another spirit appeared. It was a lady who looked completly lost and not sure where to go or what to do.Not feeling it the appropiate time to say anything I asked my guides to help her.We were soon back on with the questions from the phone ins over Cornwall. There were many different calls, from all parts of Cornwall. Amazing stuff. Lawrence is lovely to work with and he jioned in the coversations and asked people if they enjoyed there reading or if the help given was correct. Then towards the end of the programme he had his palm held as I gave him a reading .A strong character with emphasis on him being a worker.We both had a laugh as last time I was with him he neede healing for his leg,as he had hurt himself playing rugby.Then I left,but as I stood on the pavment outside ,I ssaw not the street as i would expect to see but a scene from the past of horse and carts delivering goods.Of people walking and rubbish in the street. was this a scene of past times when the area here was of ill reput ,of prostitutes walking the streets, as Lawrence had confided he had been told on air.I moved towards the car park to begin my journey home. My thoughts travelled back to another recent scene I had seen while I was at the St.Austell brewery,when I saw horese and carts loaded with barrels of beer for delivering to the public houses of Cornwall. The brewery where i am giving a Paranormal Experience evening on FEBRUARY 16TH 2OO7, tickets are for sale now and many have already been sold.Costing £10.00 per person from myself. 01726 70786 or email me with your address and I will send you a booking form.There are many spirits here and energies. A paranormal quiz,ghost walk,seance and audience readings will be a full evening. There is a bar available and refreshments,beginning at7pm—–closing at 11pm.see you there.

Victorian Seance, with Gayle Force


So here is the picture.A group of people sit with me around my table,as many have done before. There will be messages from loved ones ,possible transfiguration,maybe some spiritual activity.If you visit me with the wish to contact your loved one in spirit at the seance,please bring a photo or some small object that would have belonged to that loved one.The beutiful spiritual energy that has built over the years at my sanctuary will relax you and enable you to enjoy this event. As a medium who has worked for many years with fabulous spirit guides I am able to ask for protection ,so as no harm will become you. I do however have to explain at this point that I will not tolerate any silliness or breaking of the circle energies once I am working for you. There will be breaks in between the work and should you feel you are not comfortable with any energies I will ask you to tell me quitely.My guides and helpers will work through me for you and this is a very special sitting that today is rarely offered.If anything these sessions can be very exciting,and give me as your medium a chance to tune a little deeper than I would normally. I will often have a helper as well as myself,so you have got another person to speak to should you want. There will be no phones or mobile phones allowed in the room, for obvious reasons. Working in an atmosphere of uncoditional love and understanding I am sure you will find this interesting.This is where I began a lot of my mediumnistic work. in the front room of my house as far back as the 1970’s.For over forty years I have worked with many groups,I look forward to working with yours.Groups from 6-10 people.Time approx.1 and half hours.

Arrival must be prompt. Parking in the car park free. Refreshments on arrival.Available from 10am in the morning ,through to afternoon and evening.Costing of £20.00 per person on booking.