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The BBC Weakest Link Prgramme

The day of viewing Gayle Force on the BBC Weakest Link Programme is drawing very near. October 27th Friday at 5.15pm. Only a few weeks ago I was invited to be a part of this programme by the researchers of The Weakest Link. After travling to Truro in Cornwall for the audition I returned home to wait for my phone call for a chance to be on the famous programme with Anne.I was suffering an awful virus at the time of the audition and could hardly remember my name I was so tired that day. Feeling that was that. I was really excited a few weeks later when I was invited to visit London Sudios to be part of Anne’s show. My husband and I travelled to Slough,then he went shopping while I took a taxi to the Pine Studios where some of the Carry On films were made and Robbie Williams has made a D.V.D. I was greeted by Rob( no not Robbie Williams but a lovely young man conected to the programme) ,Our host for the time at the studios. It was an amazing day and after our time there some of the contestants went home otheres like myself went to a hotel overnight. The results can be seen on Friday. Meanwhile I have had interest of local newspapers and some have printed the story of my visit with interest. I look forward to doing more T.V work in the future. Especially work of the paranormal.Which is what I do after all. I feel I have a lot to offer. This March my work hit world news during an investigation of the paranormal as I began my D.V.D. ,of myths ,ledgens, paranormal and clairvoyant findings on sacred sites and large houses. The T.V. cameras rolled as I demonstated with a seance in an old cellar. News broke out and many of my findings were confirmed by local historians ,the press and local people. So see you Friday on …..The Weakest Link.