Monthly Meditation Groups

I was taught many years ago that meditation with a valued spiritual medium was one of the best roads to take if wanting to learn and progress with ones own spiritual skills. Whatever your skills are.

I have shared regular monthly meditations from as far back as 1973 when I lived ta Par in Cornwall for a while. A small village where evryone knew everyone. Amongst my invitations to meditation the spirit guides joined me and those who sat with me. It was the beginning of many groups to form and disband over the years but I have actually still got some of the original sitters from those days.

Some people just love the companionship of like minded people, some come to enhance their own gifts, others love the atmosphere and the meditation . It is clear to me that someone sitting with me or a similar person will enjoy the relaxation of meditation. It is also clear that with regular meditation it lowers blood pressure and aids a good nights sleep. then of course there is the learning of connecting with ones spirit guides. Soemtimes our own loved ones and at times others loved ones as we share what we are feeling or getting in message form.

It is an evening of friendship, learning,sharing,laughter,and much more. Peraphs upliftment too. At least I feel it is. I know many of my group would say the same.

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Personal Readings With Gayle Force

Where do I begin? Personal readings are a one to one experience of messages from your loved ones in spirit and your guides and helpers, who relate messages to me for you, that is part of being a medium. Another part is my ability to link with your loved ones in spirit, and this often takes a journey of evidence of their existence after death as we know it here, to their life in the spirit world and sometimes a message. Each reading is totally different from any other. As a clairvoyant, I often ‘see’ your family and friends including your animal friends too.  I also ‘see’ auras, which is the energies of light that are around your body, and these are often seen in many colours that all have their own meanings. My healing guides link with me to help me understand your health issues or awareness of part of you that may need help or just a point in the right direction. There are many people who have a question, and they are often answered as I work through my guides to read for you.  This can be anything from love, health, business, and more.

Giving you direction can often help when we have got to a brick wall as such. where we are no longer certain which way to turn.

I have a story that is quite lovely. A lady who had been a client of mine for many years came for a reading. She had received healing from me and sat in many of my meditation groups over the years. I was aware of some of her life but when I saw her getting married and buying a hotel, even I was surprised. I was also shown the back door of the hotel with a Peppermint plant growing by the step, and I ‘saw’ her step back and the plants smell hit her nose. My client looked happy, and I felt they bought the hotel. She had come for the reading as she was getting married that month, they had bought the hotel, and she had done exactly what I had told her with the plant. All of these pointers with the rest of her reading showed happiness beyond her dreams. I saw her again years later and the business and relationship were wonderful.

A man came to see me many times with recurring headaches. He came for readings and for healing. A few months went by. He always felt better for a few days after his visit to me. He was sitting in front of me again. Our cups of tea is enjoyed. I began, giving what I saw around him. Some were still the same as before as he told me. I went deeper, into my space with spirit. I wanted to help him.

I saw many things that I gave to him. Then, like a bolt out of the blue, I heard a man’s voice tell me that he needed to change his life and stop hesitating. I gave this off to him.

He phoned me two years afterwards to tell me that he had changed his life for the better and his headaches had gone. He wanted to say thank you as I had given him the strength to be happy.

A young woman sat with me over health issues. She had wanted another child.  She had four. We joked that it was mad. We laughed together. Then I saw twins. She came for healing as there were health issues. Time went by. She became pregnant. The result of which was twins. Happy lady.

A man that felt it was time for retirement but wanted to do one last business venture came to see me. He was a medium himself and was not trusting his own instinct. We sat for a while and I was shown maps of different countries. Places that he would like and hot spots in red where he should havebusinessess. He listened as he had many times before. We spoke of other things around him and then I came back to the question on his lips. His guide spoke to me about certain places where he would do his work good. that his health was fine. That his judgement was spot on, and then the place where he would be. It all made sense to him and today he is still successful in his work.

I can see this lady in my mind’s eye right now as I think about her. Sophie had been given health news that morning she had not wanted. A phone call came through and I was able to see her that day. She was a previous client. I could see she was shaken when she came through the door. We chatted a while. I told her about travelling I could see around her. Several journeys to London and back to come. She had no plans. I concentrated on her and felt her anxiety. my healing guides drew close. I talked about what I could see around her but there was nothing serious. She had been told that morning that she had cancer. It had run in her family and was her biggest dread. I bravely said that I saw nothing. I could not give her what was not there. She was happy but confused. Sophie had a second opinion in London. The results were, no cancer. Her trips to London did happen as she decided to have more test done and she was clear. I was right, as I knew to stand by what I saw. She is still well to this day.

As well as One to one readings I cater for couples, friends, groups of people. I also do live audience work and radio.

I have worked with the BBC many a time and especially enjoyed working with Scott Mills of BBC radio one at the time. Predicting and talking chart music and more. It was fabulous. I have and still do enjoy working with many different radio stations.  I have written for several magazines and newspapers worldwide as well as locally.

All Bookings and enquiries are available on 01726 70786


Paranormal Event October 18th 2017

Gayle Force is appearing at The St.Austell Arts Theatre on October 18th 2017. She will be demonstrating her  psychic art form , audience readings and more. There will also be a few stories , read by a lovely young man , from Gayles lifes work as a medium,healer clairvoyant,and writer. You will enjoy some of the ghostly dancers as this performance unravels.  Gayle is known to be ,a little different with her work, and this is a first for working with others to entertain you from the theatres Kate Osbrink actors and dance team. Both Gayle and Kate are from St.Austell and like the St.Austell Art Theatre in their Cornish town. A place that offers many different plays and stage music as well as this paranormal event.  Though this is not the first time Gayle has been on this stage.The theatre opens at 7pm ,ready for the evening to begin at 7.30pm. Plenty of spaces for your car to be parked. On the A390 as you go out of town from the east towards Truro the theatre is seen on the left tucked away in the  hedge row of a busy road. However ,you wont be disappointed ,it has a unique charm and a friendly atmosphere. Gayle Force has been demonstrating her mediumship for many years ,in theatres,hotels, halls ,churches and camp sites all over England and Europe. She is truly an international medium. Her stories of her work are well known world wide and some of her radio and television work has gone as far as Bali and Australia. Tickets now available from Cornish Riviera Box Office 01726 879 500. £10 each.


Tim Hubbard and Gayle Force at BBC Radio Cornwall

Tim Hubbard and Gayle Force at BBC Radio Cornwall

BBC Radio Cornwall was part of the celebrations of The Desert Island Disc ‘s 70th year of being on radio. For the first time ever ordinary people across Britain were sharing the reasons as to why they liked a piece of music so much.
Gayles choice was Ava maria. A song that had been in her life since childhood, when her parents had played it on their grammerphone. At that time Gayles didnt know what type of music it was, only that out of others played , she loved it.
The years went by and when the 1970’s was here Gayle found the song on many an album she had purchased.
One of her favorite artist who sung it was Elaine Paige. The album that had the words printed on the inside sleeve so that now Gayle could begin to sing with the album when it was played. It was elaines Christmas album.
During recovery from an ectopic pregancy operation, at a time when Gayle had been sterilised for nearly eleven years , the song was played and sung to by gayle again. This time she was to find the sound of the music very moveing and a turning point in her recovery from the operation to save her life.
Gayles sister who sung Ava Maria in Leek Seed chapel at St.Blazey, during the memorial to Elvis Presley for fans here in Cornwall to share. Was also very moving.
Ava maria is a lovely song and adored by many but it was only through the connection with this programme and talking about it that Gayle discovered it was her Mothers favorite song too.
On after thought , Gayle Siad,” it was obvious back in the late 1950’s , as it was were I heard it first”